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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences

Language competence and intercultural awareness are essential skills for success in the global workplace. In Tandem plus you can get to know students from different countries, practice using your foreign language skills and develop your intercultural skills.

There are two elements: a language tandem and a culture tandem.

Next tandem event: 15.04.24, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The room will be anounced via e-mail.

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How does a language tandem work ?

In a language tandem, you can have conversations with your tandem partner in their native language, as well as in your native language. You can improve your speaking and listening, get to know interesting people, and gain a lot of intercultural experience.

There are no fixed rules on how you should set up your tandem. You decide together what you would like to talk about, how often and how long you meet. We are available to give advice and at the 'tandem events' we share our tips for successful tandem learning strategies.

How does a culture tandem work ?

What if the perfect language tandem match can’t be found? Or what if you’re planning an internship or trip abroad, and are more interested in intercultural exchange than language learning? A culture tandem is just the ticket! We can put you in in contact with students from different cultural backgrounds and you can discover new worlds. Cooking, football, films – there are so many ways to share culture, to get to know someone else’s culture and also to get a new appreciation of your own. Broaden your mind, expand your horizons, see the world from a different perspective!

Useful links

SEAGULL is a great tandem project funded by the European Union. The material - excellent at all levels from beginner to advanced - is available as worksheets and includes inspiring suggestions for tandem activities.

The International Student Office Karlsruhe can help you find a Tandem Partner.

Buddy-Programm: If your German and English skills are very good - contact the International Office at the beginning of the semester and get involved in supporting incoming students in the first weeks of the semester. This is an ideal opportunity to get to know students from all over the world and earn some money at the same time. Interested? Contact Ms Lea Scholz.