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Management Science and Engineering

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Aspects of our teaching

Innovative teaching ensures excellent graduates. That's why we use a wide variety of formats to convey the diverse teaching content. Cross-faculty, cross-university and cross-national courses are held on a regular basis. Excursions underline the theoretical knowledge of the lectures in practice. In the process, contacts can also be made and insights gained into companies.

Some examples:

Teaching Award of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences for Prof. Dr. Susanne Kruse

She was honored for her outstanding implementation of the required Mathematics B for Industrial Engineers module in an online format.

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Course "Learning Factory 4.X

The Learning Factory 4.X is a cooperative project between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Students from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences are given the task of creating a marketable product, taking into account design and economic aspects. In this context, the KIT students have the task of making a virtual reality application to visualize the products in order to support the students of the university in the marketing and product development phase. The VR application is used here primarily for design review, functional analysis and the presentation and marketing of the products.

The results of the students in the video:

The One-Click Solution

Project Knife Block

Lasering, Drilling, Bending, Welding

Long night of electrical engineering

How to solder a circuit board? How do you measure direct current and alternating current correctly?
During the Long Night of Electrical Engineering, students gain hands-on experience in the fundamentals of electrical engineering.
Experiments are carried out at various stations, e.g. students measure circuits or experiment with electric and magnetic fields.

Design Thinking Workshop

Creative idea-finding processes in creative environments: The topics of entrepreneurship and founding are emphasized at HKA.
In elective courses and design thinking workshops, students develop their own ideas for possible product developments, strategies and business models.
For this purpose, HKA offers creative spaces such as co-working spaces and the Entrepreneurship Garage.

Exkursion zu TRUMPF

Students from the International Industrial Goods Marketing course visited the machine tool manufacturer TRUMPF with Prof. Dr. Christian Braun.

In addition to interesting insights into production sites, excursions of this kind provide good opportunities for students to get to know potential internships or future employers.

Applied research

Applied research is the central area of responsibility of the Faculty of Business and Economics alongside teaching - and is to be expanded even further in the future. Our doctoral students devote themselves to current topics in their research projects. The scientific focus and results are presented by the faculty in various publications and contributions by professors.

Eye Computer Vision


Synthetic Data for Vision Systems with AI

Development of a synthetic data generation and training pipeline for AI-based machine vision systems in industrial applications

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Project KI5GRob, Artificial intelligence when looking at production and logistics processes


Cloud computing and 5G as enablers for new sensor technologies in robot-based production and logistics:

AI-methods for multimodal sensor signal processing and interpretation for the flexible use of robots in handling tasks 

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TOURINGS Cobot in industrial use


Innovative Training Solution for the Installation of Collaborative Robotics in Manufactoring Sectors

Developing innovative training tools for the manufacturing sectors in the field of collaborative robotics

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Project startupKMU@HKA, Team mindmap with post-its


The aim of the start-upKMU@HsKA project is to establish new companies together with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and people from the university who are willing to start up a company.

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Project PeTRA, design of robotic PeTRA system


Person Transfer Robot Assistant

Creation of a support solution in patient logistics for the high-quality fulfilment of the transfer needs while at the same time relieving the workload of nursing staff and assistants

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AutoBer-Project tteam: from the left to the rightDaniel Heimburger (Entwickler, SIVIS), Simon Heni (Entwickler SIVIS), Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheuermann (Hochschule Karlsruhe), Kai Bounin (Projektleiter AutoBer, Geschäftsführer, SIVIS) Daniel Kreppein (Student, Hochschule Karlsruhe), Boris Grothues (Entwicklungsleiter, SIVIS), Matthias Beil (Student, Hochschule Karlsruhe), Simon Anderer (Akademischer Mitarbeiter, Hochschule Karlsruhe)


Automated Development of Secure and Human-readable Role-based Access Control Models for ERP Systems

Piloting of a software system - the "virtual business consultant" - that allows to partially or completely automate typical IT consultant services

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DynOpt-Project team: v.f.l.t.r..: Kai Bounin (Managing Director, SIVIS), Simon Anderer (academic staffHKA), Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheuermann (HKA), Boris Grothues (Head of Development, SIVIS)


Dynamic Optimization

Cooperating with the Karlsruhe-based software company SIVIS GmbH in this industry-funded research project the project partners are involved in joint research and application of the techniques of Dynamic Optimization to drive innovations in management of large-scale enterprise systems.

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Heat Turnaround in Industry

The WIN4climate project aims to develop, present and make available to the general public processes and solutions for decarbonization and flexibilization of heat supply in industry in a real business environment.

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Project team Automated Item Picking @adidas AG

Automated Item Picking @ adidas AG

Feasibility study Automated Item Picking @ adidas AG

Development of a prototypical solution for adidas AG to automate the order picking process for sports and fashion articles. The primary goal is to detect and pick shoeboxes and plastic-wrapped apparel fully automated from a load carrier

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