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Declaration by the Student to take part in exams during the coronavirus pandemic

Please note: Until further notice, in order to take part in in-person exams, each student is required to hand in a declaration before the respective exam; the form for this can be downloaded here.

Examination regulations

The Study and Examination Regulations govern the proper course of study for each degree program. They consist of a general section A, which applies equally to all bachelor's/master's degree programs, and a special section B, which contains specific regulations applying only for the respective degree program. Only students who are enrolled in and re-registered for this degree program, who have not lost their right to take examinations for this degree program, and who have not been de-registered compulsorily or at their own request, may take examinations for this degree program.       


More about loss of the right to sit exams                                            To the examination regulations

More on enrollment, re-enrollment, and de-registration

HKA grading system

The following marks are to be applied when assessing the individual examination credits:
1 = very good: an outstanding performance
2 = good: a performance well above the average
3 = satisfactory: a performance corresponding to average requirements
4 = sufficient: a performance which, whilst it has shortcomings, nevertheless still meets requirements
5 = non-sufficient: a performance which, owing to its grave deficits, no longer fulfills requirements

1 - 4 are passing marks.  In order to allow a differentiated assessment of the examination performances, the individual marks are changed by intermediate values that may deviate from the integral marks by ± 0.3; the marks 0.7 and 5.3 are excluded.

Examination credits in default

Are you behind schedule, be it your own or the legally binding one, with your examinations? What to do?

More about examination credits in default

Re-enrollment and de-registration

You continue your studies only by re-enrolling for the next semester. You can find out which steps you need to take on the page "Re-enrollment and de-registration".

De-registration means that you cease studying at our University. It is carried out by the University either compulsorily on grounds of a legal requirement, or at your request.

The final thesis

This thesis concludes your Bachelor's or Master's studies. Now you can start your professional life


In the download area you will find the currently relevant Study and Examination Regulations as well as applications and forms.

to the Study and Examination Regulations