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Compatibility of studies and family

How do I organize child & studies? How do I find a place in a daycare center? What financial aid am I entitled to?
Many questions about studying with a family are answered in the Online Guide for Students with Children - a joint project of the universities in Karlsruhe together with the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe. Online Guide

Students with families receive individual counseling and support from the university's Equal Opportunity Officers. Please make a personal appointment by email at: gleichstellungspam prevention@h-ka.de.
The university is committed to family-friendly structures and to the compatibility of study and family for all university groups.
Further information can be found in the Online Guidebook of the Diakonie Baden, in the overview Contact points for pregnant women and in the Guide to the Maternity Protection Act, which has also applied to female students since 2018.
Information on childcare services for students and university staff* can be found on the intranet.

Counseling for students with family

A child can turn your studies quite upside down - sometimes you simply need advice and help.

For example, did you know that students on parental leave in accordance with § 61 para. 3 LHG Baden-Württemberg can apply for one or more semesters of leave? And in contrast to a regular leave of absence, students can continue to attend courses and take individual courses and exams if they want to.
. We will be happy to advise you on this or on other topics related to studying with a family. Simply arrange a personal meeting with us!

Childcare options

For students of the university there is a cooperation with the Children and Family Center Sonnensang of Caritas. Children of our students (3 to 6 years) can be included in the VÖ group (the number of places is limited; please register early directly at Haus Sonnensang and at the Kita-Portal of the city of Karlsruhe)

The Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences offers virtual childcare through our partner voiio to all university members, i.e. students, employees in teaching, research and administration.
Simply sign up using your university email address. The voiio offering is free to our students (third-party offerings are fee-based; check the details on the platform).
In a virtual care room, experienced caregivers play, paint and draw with your children, read together or discover new worlds. Courses for learning support in small groups for elementary school (math, English, German) are also offered by voiio.
If none of the offered courses fits, or if care is needed at a different time, for example because an important meeting or lecture is coming up, individual appointments can also be booked (free of charge) through voiio's childcareFLEX (Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm). If you make a reservation request up to 24 hours in advance, the desired time is guaranteed. You are welcome to specify desired content from the existing course program of virtual events already during registration.

Child & Campus - meetings and dates

To strengthen the exchange of student parents among themselves, students from all Karlsruhe universities meet once a semester at the joint Child & Campus Meeting. Here, the universities, the Studierendenwerk and the city of Karlsruhe provide information about various offers for students with children and about the opportunity for networking as well as information gathering.
Just drop by!
You are also welcome to join our "Studieren mit Familie" e-mail distribution list. A short e-mail to gleichstellungspam prevention@h-ka.de is sufficient for this purpose.

Previous Workshops

Workshop "How women reconcile work and family" on Tuesday, 05.11.2019
For all female employees of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, the Equal Opportunity Office is organizing a workshop on "How women reconcile work and family" with Ms. Isabel Nitzsche on Tuesday, 05 November 2019 from 9:00 to 16:00.
To the content:
When women are or become mothers, many things change and numerous questions arise. This workshop is designed to help you reflect and develop a concept to answer the following questions for yourself:
-      What do I want for myself?
-      Who can support me in this?
-      What are the relevant questions?
-      What is my concept?
-      When is the right time to publicize a pregnancy at work?
-      How do I stay present during parental leave?
-      What does good planning for returning to work look like?
This workshop promotes the mutual exchange of women. They work out which points are individually important in order to combine career and family well. They practice how to communicate their concept well to the other parties in discussions, how to argue confidently and how to secure support.

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