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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
Cross-faculty Research Area for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Cross-faculty Research Area for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

About the laboratory

The Cross-faculty Research Area for Robotics and AI is located on the new HKA2030+ Campus / TP (Technology Park) and is used for research and development of robot-based solutions for production and distribution logistics.  The lab is equipped with modern infrastructure as well as mobile and stationary state-of-the-art robots from KUKA and Universal Robots.

The laboratory is used for teaching by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, the Faculty of Management Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems as well as for research by the Institute of Applied Research

Agile development of gripping systems and other components is implemented in numerous research projects in collaboration with the Additive Design and Manufacturing Lab (ADM-Lab). Feasibility studies and cooperative research projects with industry and research partners can be carried out in the lab.

Technical equipment

Our research area features several stationary robot cells with robots from KUKA and Universal Robots. The portfolio is supplemented by several mobile robot systems from Neobotix, Scitos and KUKA. Most of the robot systems are equipped with gripping systems from Schunk, Zimmer and Schmalz as well as with camera and image processing systems from RoboCeption, Cognex, Helios and Intel.

The programming of the robot systems is partly realized via the respective manufacturer-specific languages. Some systems use the Robot Programming Suite (RPS) from Artiminds or the drag&bot OS from Drag & Bot GmbH. In most research projects, the robot systems are programmed with the open source framework ROS2.

In the field of robot simulation, the laboratory is equipped with 60 KUKA.Sim licenses.

For image processing, standard software systems such as MVTec HALCON and Cognex VisionPro are used as well as self-developed systems based on open source frameworks such as OpenCV and TensorFlow (Deep Learning).


Cross-faculty Research Area for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Catherina Burghart (Faculty MMT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fahmi Bellalouna (Faculty MMT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Friedrich (Faculty MMT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Braun (Faculty EIT)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wurll (Faculty W)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Björn Hein (Faculty W)

Opening hours:
During laboratory exercises and by arrangement

Contact address
Campus Hochschule Karlsruhe 2030+ / Technology Park Karlsruhe
Wilhelm-Schickard-Straße 9,
Building F
D-76131 Karlsruhe


Gripping Systems


  • 2x Jaw Parallel Grippers GPP1108C00-00-A (GPP1000er Serie)
  • 3x HRC Grippers
    • GEH6060IL
    • HRC-01
    • GRE000046
  • 2x 2-jaw parallel grippers with long stroke GEH6180IL


  • Robotiq 2F-140


  • 2x Universal Gripper
    • PGN+ E 080-1
    • PGN+ 125/1AS
  • Parrallel Grippers PGN 64/1AS
  • Pan- Tiltunit PW070-6V-G


  • ECBPi 12

In addition, the laboratory has various self-developed gripping systems for bin picking applications

Cameras and image processing systems


  • 6x Realsense Depth Camera
    • 2x D415
    • 2x D435i
    • 1x L515
    • 1x SR300


  • Ensenso N35
  • UI5580CP

Lucid Vision:

  • 2x Helios 2


  • 2x rc visard 160c
  • 1x rc visard 65c
  • (2x Projector)

Leap Motion Sensor

VisionTools ROBOcam

4 x Cognex 821-10160-1R

HALCON Software Student Edition

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

  • 1x Neobotix Platform MMO 500 with UR5
  • 1x KMP 600 with KUKA Arm within the framework of the BMBF project "PeTRA"
  • 2x Scitos

Industrial robots

KUKA Robots

  • 1x KR 210 R 3100 (On loan from the Dressler company as part of a research project)
  • 2x KR 10 R 1100
  • 3x LBR iiwa
  • 4x Ready2Educate

Universal Robots

  • 2x UR5
  • 1x UR10e

Workshop equipment

  • 3D printer Prusa i3 MK3
  • Bosch bench drilling machine (PBD40)
  • Bosch cordless angle drill  (GWB12V-10)
  • Bosch Battery Multi Cutter (GOP12V-28)
  • Bosch cordless rotating tool (GOP12V-35)
  • Bosch cordless sabre saw (GSA12V-14)
  • Bosch drilling machine (GBN2-26F)
  • 2x workshop trolley FRIMA (7 drawers)

IT Infrastructure

  • 1 x Synology NAS RS18017xs+ with 70 TB effective storage
  • 1 x Nvidia DGX A100 Cluster (with 8 x A100 GPU)
  • 7 workstations with high-end Nvidia GPUs for deep learning
  • 1 x Storage Cluster ( ILKA project)
  • 1 x High performance Switch Mellanox (ILKA project)
  • Fiber optic connection to the ILKA-network

Research and Teaching

Research projects currently ongoing in the research area include the following main topics:

  • Development of a synthetic data generation and training pipeline for AI-based machine vision systems in industrial applications (e.g. SyDaVis-AI project)
  • Visualization of deep neural networks (e.g. QualiTED project)
  • Development of an Autonomous, mobile system for intelligent linking of production workstations with transport-parallel quality assurance (e.g. QualiTEDproject)
  • Developing AI-enabled infrastructures for university-wide deployment (e.g. ILKA project)