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Collaborative RObotics for Circular Economy in Manufacturing Sectors

Main goal

The objective of CROCEMS (2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000034799) is to provide a comprehensive training course on the application of collaborative robotics in circular economy processes (sensor planning system for vision, detection of reusable parts or disassembly of valuable materials). This is to promote the most effective waste management in European production sectors and help reducing their impact. Moreover, new jobs will be created and new production processes, business models and industrial symbioses will be enabled.

Tasks of HKA

  • Quality Assurance (Management Team)
  • Coordination of the Blueprints work package
  • Creation of the content

Project goal

Within the CROCEMS project, five work packages are being worked on. The goal is to establish an educational philosophy and create a common curriculum that meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, with a focus on automating waste management and improving awareness and circular economy models through the EU by installing cobots and applying the Lean Robotics methodology.

CROCEMS will develop training content on the following topics:

  • Design of different robot modules and behaviors to meet production requirements
  • Integration of cobots into the assembly line,
  • product development cycle
  • Lean robotics methodology
  • Circular economy models and e-waste management

A collaborative platform is to be developed in which all created content can be integrated (all developed training materials will be available on the platform).
A pilot action is planned in which the target users will edit, review and evaluate the training content.
The project results will be used as a blueprint for manufacturing sustainability and waste management implementation.


Project activities and events

Within the project duration of CROCEMS, 5 transnational meetings and 5 multiplication events (one per partner) will take place to disseminate the project results.


Ongoing project 02/2022 – 02/2025


Project manager
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wurll

phone +49 (0)151 42237283
christian.wurllspam prevention@h-ka.de

Research Group Robotics and Intelligent Systems (iRAS) at IAF: Students around Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wurll at a KUKA industrial robot

Research Group Robotics and Autonomous Systems iRAS at IAF

The CROCEMS project  is located within the  Research Group "Robotics and Autonomous Systems iRAS" at IAF


Project funding

The CROCEMS project is co-financed under Grant Agreement "2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000034799" by the program ERASMUS+ of the European Union