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StudiumPLUS Apprenticeship

Structure and information

Information about StudiumPLUS Apprenticeship

The StudiumPLUS Ausbildung (StudiumPLUS Apprenticeship) program combines a Bachelor's degree with vocational training in a company. Students taking part in this program thus have the opportunity to acquire two professional qualifications in the short span of 4.5 years: A Bachelor's degree from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and a vocational qualification from either the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer, IHK) or the Chamber of Trade (Handwerkskammer, HWK).



The program starts in September with a traineeship at the company. After a six-month practical phase the study phase begins in the summer semester: Students spend two semesters at the university. This is followed by a transfer back to the workplace for a further 6 months. During these first two years, students receive the basic vocational training and complete the basic studies at the university.

Then the advanced studies begin and the students are at the university for two more semesters of studies. This is followed by the internship semester at the company and another study semester at HKA. The StudiumPLUS Apprenticeship program takes a total of four and a half years to complete, including the Bachelor's thesis, which is written at the company. Throughout the duration of their studies, students work in the company during the semester breaks.

Students who complete their training in a company affiliated to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce take the final exam Part I during the second practical phase and the exam Part II in the fourth semester. Trainees of a craft or trade take Part I and Part II examinations after the fifth and seventh semesters respectively.


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