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Management Science and Engineering

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Globally networked

with international partner universities, companies and our graduates.

The faculty maintains intensive contacts both regionally in the technology region of Karlsruhe and the economically strong location of Baden-Württemberg, and far beyond. The expansion of international cooperations with universities and companies is just as important to us as our extensive alumni network.


The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a variety of opportunities to realize a semester abroad or to complete a practical study semester abroad. International experience and networking are a matter of course at our faculty. In addition to double degree programs with Argentina and France at the bachelor's level and the Tricontinental Master in Global Studies with Taiwan and Mexico, the faculty maintains approximately 90 collaborations with partner universities worldwide.

Committed professors and staff support students in their endeavors - e.g., a voluntary semester abroad. Other offerings such as summer schools or project work with international partners also enable shorter stays abroad or bring internationality directly to Karlsruhe. In the study program Bachelor of Industrial Engineering there is the possibility to choose an international study variant.

Currently, over 40 % of all outgoings at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences come from the Faculty of Economics. Up to 130 of our students are at a foreign university each semester, and over 100 students complete a practical semester abroad. The most popular destinations are currently Mexico, Spain, and Finland, but Australia and Taiwan, for example, are also growing in popularity.

International Management Bachelor - Practice and Abroad

Industrial Engineering Bachelor - Practice and Abroad

Experience reports

Company cooperation

Intense exchange and close cooperation with versatile partners from the economy are an important part of teaching at the Faculty of Business and Economics.

In addition, every semester cross-curricular events with companies are organized.

In addition, cross-curricular events with companies are organized each semester, offering students exclusive insights into various topics, as well as the opportunity to make initial contacts in the professional world.

The contact to alumni after successful completion of the studies is also extremely important to the faculty.

Whoever also wants to realize his or her own business idea or company succession will not only find helpful support and development potential in the area of Entrepreneurship, but also valuable contacts in the start-up culture of Karlsruhe.

In the area of Research, the faculty attaches great importance to application-oriented projects with renowned cooperation partners from a wide range of industries, which enrich both sides with new impulses and innovations.

Activities with companies:


Project work, elective courses in the bachelor's degree programs such as Get Digital, case studies, excursions, and many other cooperative activities await our students with various partners from the field.


Whether during lunch break at a joint Lunch & Learn with outstanding leaders, at exciting guest lectures by partners from the business world or in the context of instructive workshops - every semester, varied events take place at the faculty.


Even after graduation, it is important to the faculty to remain closely networked with former students. For example, every semester in the event "From the life of a..." alumni from different business sectors report on their career, the experience they have gained and provide insights into their current field of activity.

The mentor network of the HKA offers personal support from alumni for students on all questions related to career choices.


Not only does the master's program Technology Entrepreneurship support students and prepare them as budding entrepreneurs or for a business succession, but also the xLab of the HKA as well as various cooperations with partners from the Karlsruhe start-up scene accompany students on their very personal path to becoming entrepreneurs.


Cooperations with partners from industry also play an important role in the area of research.

Thus, in the various teaching and research laboratories, both students can deepen the knowledge they have learned and put it into practice, and doctoral students can gain new insights and create innovations as part of their research projects.

Graduation ceremonies and alumni evenings

The graduation ceremonies are the festive part of graduation. Since we have a large number of graduates every semester and we would like to create a personal celebration, the bachelor and master events will be held on separate dates in the future.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the Faculty of Business and Economics invites former students to the Alumni Evening once a year. In addition to lectures on current topics from the faculty, research and teaching, alumni can visit the laboratories. At the subsequent get-to­ge­ther with professors and former fellow students, there is always an anecdote or two to tell from student days.


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