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Exciting projects


Development and testing of a solar-powered membrane bioreactor plant for decentralized treatment of hospital wastewater using the example of Lubaga Hospital in Kampala/Uganda.

Our plant enables the decentralized treatment of about 10,000 liters of wastewater per day by combining a membrane bioreactor with activated carbon treatment.

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Project KI5GRob, Artificial intelligence when looking at production and logistics processes


Cloud computing and 5G as enablers for new sensor technologies in robot-based production and logistics:

AI methods for multimodal sensor signal processing and interpretation for the flexible use of robots in handling tasks 

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Ultra-scalable multiphysics simulations for solidification processes in metals

Small building blocks with a big effect

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Project SAM, KI, data code


Language segmentation and its application in meetings

Development of low-cost methods for improving the audio signal in meeting rooms and new solutions for segmenting the audio signal in order to increase efficiency in meetings

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Forschungsgruppe Verdichtertechnologie


Diagnostics and event analysis of refrigerant compressors and pumps based on vibration and noise analysis

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You can find more current projects in our journal Forschung aktuell and on the pages of our Research Institutes.

Research profile

As a university, we contribute to the future viability of our society with practice-oriented and application-ready research and development. In order to enable and support this overarching goal, we address in particular the essential requirements of resources, work, mobility and information within the framework of our specific research areas.

Main research areas

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Energy, Mobility & Infrastructure

The focus of this priority area is on the topics of energy efficiency, networking and safety of spaces, infrastructure facilities, vehicles and road traffic. Here our researchers deal here, among other things, transport planning and ecology, vehicle diagnostics and safety, water treatment, and heating and air conditioning.

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Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Environmental Engineering
Energy-efficient mobility
Transportation and Infrastructure

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Intelligent Systems

Our researchers in this area are focused on the development and application of sensors, machine learning, and communication networks to automate, improve human-system interaction, and make decisions in all areas of business and society - including navigation, technology-enhanced learning, and Industry 4.0.

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Intelligent Systems Research Group
Learning and Innovation in Networks
Sensor and Information Systems
Ubiquitous Mobility Systems

Materials & Processes

The research activities of our scientists in this focus area concentrate on modeling and simulation techniques for high-performance materials as well as on new manufacturing and production processes, using, among other things, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and cyber-physical systems.

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Digital Materials Research
Materials and Processes

Cooperative doctorate

We offer continuous education from Bachelor to Master to PhD level.

Technology transfer

Due to the practical relevance of our research, we have an increased interest in and experience with cooperations with industry, but also with the public sector.

Research institutes


Vice-President for Research
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz Quint

Tel.: +49 (0)721 925-1038
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Senior Management Assistant
Elena Stamm

Tel.: +49 (0)721 925-1077
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