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Student feedback

Student feedback

You have reasons to complain? Or suggestions for improvement? Then give us feedback.

The Central Student Advisory Service is also committed to optimizing your study conditions. That's why it's important for you to tell us directly about your suggestions, wishes, and ideas for improvement in the areas of study organization, teaching, or service. Since this does not always happen in a personal conversation, we offer you the opportunity to contact us using the contact form below. Your concern will be treated absolutely confidentially, independently, and in a solution-oriented manner. You decide which information we should pass on to other departments for clarification.

Processing time

Of course, we will make every effort to process your request as quickly as possible. However, since this may require research and cooperation with other university offices/external offices, the processing process may take some time. In any case, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

Therefore it is important to leave us your contact details.

Contact details/data protection

The Central Student Advisory Service undertakes to treat your respective request confidentially and to comply with data protection regulations.

Under no circumstances will personal data be passed on unless you expressly request this.

Your Feedback (en)

Your Feedback


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