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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
Project AutoBer, project Team HKA and Sivis


Automated Development of Secure and Human-readable Role-based Access Control Models for ERP Systems, funded by the BMBF

Motivation and project goals

Maintenance of roles and privileges in ERP systems requires a lot of time and expertise, which is rarely available considering today's shortage of skilled workers. This results in high security risks in IT systems. The aim of the AutoBer project is to pilot a software system - the "virtual business consultant" - that allows to partially or completely automate such typical IT consultant services. However, since such work entails very large amounts of data, in practice, current role-mining algorithms available in the scientific literature are no longer applicable and have to be adapted and extended accordingly. An important aspect within this project is to embody semantic features in order to create human-readable access control models that leverage interpretability and ease of management for such system-generated roles. Furthermore, there has to be a constant user-interaction with the algorithm in order to be able to transfer the consultant’s expertise into the virtual business consultant in a guided learning process. Project leader SIVIS GmbH is a specialist in authorisation and identity management. Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences cooperates with SIVIS and provides the competences in the fields of efficient algorithms and optimisation. Within the framework of this project, the project team will create an initial demonstration system for the virtual business consultant, which will be gradually extended and incorporated into the existing SIVIS suite of tools at the end of the project.



Completed project 05/2019 — 12/2021


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Project manager
Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheuermann

Phone: +49 (0)721 925-1963
bernd.scheuermannspam prevention@h-ka.de

Project partner

Sivis GmbH

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