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Hochschule KarlsruheHochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
Welcome to the Institute of Applied Research at HKA! Students around Prof. Dr. Ing. Christian Wurll in the laboratory

Institute of Applied Research

Profile Projects

The research activities at the Institute of Applied Research can be assigned to different interdisciplinary topics reflecting the broad scientific spectrum of natural sciences, engineering and economics.

Here you can find an overview of currently running and already completed research projects at the Institute of Applied Research:

Current research projects

Kollmar&Jourdan House, exterior view, seat of the Technical Museum of Pforzheim's jewellery and watchmaking industries


Virtual Exhibition Space for Technical Historical Objects Use of AR and implementation of AR applications for the digitization of historical objects with technical relevance.

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Projekt Kryptoassets: Tokenisierung


Cryptoassets using the example of wind turbines - blessing or curse for cooperative banks

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Projekt Töging, Beispiel für eine kolmatierte Gewässersohle

Colmation in hydraulic engineering laboratory

Colmation - Investigation of the physical interactions between processes in surface water and interstitial.

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Project CriminalNetworks: Communication Graph


CriminalNetworks Combating billing fraud and corruption in healthcare using AI-based identification of conspicuous network structures.

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CROCEMS project: project partners


Collaborative RObotics for Circular Economy in Manufacturing Sectors comprehensive training course on the application of collaborative robotics in circular economy processes: sensor planning system for vision, recognition of reusable parts or disassembly of valuable materials

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Gruppenbild Projektkonsortium KOEX


BMBF funded project: Collaborative Machine Learning for the Detection of Fraud and Risks in ERP Systems (KOEX)

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Projekt CaFroPeSens, SEBA Exponat


New electrochemical system for phosphate detection Within the framework of the BMBF joint project "CaFroPeSens", a project consortium from research and industry is revolutionizing phosphate detection.

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Project MERLOT: Avatar interaction on 180° screen


MarkEtplace foR LifelOng educaTional dataspaces and smart service provisioning: Creation of specially protected educational dataspaces incl. services available via marketplaces.

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QualiTED project: Computer Vision Eye


Autonomous, mobile system for intelligent linking of production workstations with transport-parallel quality assurance

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Project HOBA: Excavator bucket


Homogeneous area wizard for the automatic, site-specific recording of soil classes according to the new VOB 2016: Automated creation of a 3D voxel volume model classified via AI and spatially georeferenced.

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Project MiteSens: UAS System


Research and development (R&D) for a UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) based monitoring system for early detection (sensing) of plant damaging spider mites ("mites") in greenhouses.

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Server, project ILKA


AI offspring@FH2021: Building a distributed IT infrastructure for latency-critical AI applications Establishment of an IT infrastructure with which methods for real-time-capable or latency-critical AI applications can be researched, tested, and taught, as well as research and development of a utilization concept.

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Onshore wind generators


Development of an innovative, digital platform business model for wind turbines

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Project Green4EVer, Webasto Next App


Integration of electric mobility in sustainable smart buildings and site management Development and practical testing of comprehensive energy and infrastructure management for electromobility as an integrated component of modern site and property management processes

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directly to the project KI5GRob


Cloud computing and 5G as enablers for new sensor technologies in robot-based production and logistics: AI-methods for multimodal sensor signal processing and interpretation for the flexible use of robots in handling tasks

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TOURINGS: Industry 5.0 Collaborative robot technology


Innovative Training Solution for the Installation of Collaborative Robotics in Manufactoring Sectors Developing innovative training tools for the manufacturing sectors in the field of collaborative robotics

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Directly to the project KIWI


Artificial intelligence in secure web infrastructures with digital identity management: Development and practical testing of AI-supported security management in complex web infrastructures

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start-upKMU@HsKA: Mindmap


The aim of the start-upKMU@HsKA project is to establish new companies together with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and people from the university who are willing to start up a company.

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PeTRA: design of robotic PeTRA system


Person Transfer Robot Assistant: Creation of a support solution in patient logistics for the high-quality fulfilment of the transfer needs while at the same time relieving the workload of nursing staff and assistants

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Fiber optics


Research and innovative services for a flexible network in Baden-Württemberg New innovative approaches for further development of BelWÜ as well as campus networks on the basis of powerful and flexible networks

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Project SAM: KI, datacode


Language Segmentation and its Application in Meetings Development of cost-effective methods for improving the audio signal in meeting rooms and new solutions for segmenting the audio signal in order to increase efficiency in meetings

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Completed Research projects

Project Töging: power plant Töging at the River Inn, Bavaria, Germany

Töging am Inn hydropower plant

Habitat and scouring studies in the diversion section of the Töging am Inn hydropower plant Hydromorphological and ecological study to increase the efficiency of the power plant Töging at the River Inn, Bavaria.

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Community use of roof areas: "StadtErle", Basel 2019


Families in collaborative housing The joint research project between DJI and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) is concerned with collaborative housing for families in urban and rural contexts

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Project PREVIEW, Friedrichsfeld lock


Resilience of critical transport infrastructures exemplified by waterways The joint PREVIEW-project pursues the central goal of increasing the resilience of the waterway infrastructure in Germany.

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Eye Computer vision


Synthetic Data for Vision Systems with AI Development of a synthetic data generation and training pipeline for AI-based machine vision systems in industrial applications

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Porject Rob-LPI, planning of Rob-LPI-system


CAD-based planning of robot-guided camera systems for large-large-part inspection tasks Development of a planning and execution system for the robot-based inspection of large-volume assemblies.

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roject team Automated Item Picking @ adidas AG

Automated Item Picking @ adidas AG

Feasibility study Automated Item Picking @ adidas AG Development of a prototypical solution for adidas AG to automate the order picking process for sports and fashion articles. The primary goal is to detect and pick shoeboxes and plastic-wrapped apparel fully automated from a load carrier

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Project Diagnosis of gas test stands

Diagnosis of gas test stands

The aim of the project was to develop and implement procedures with which the accuracy of gas test stands can be increased making use of statistical approaches and with which, in combination with redundant equipment, self-diagnosis and self-calibration can be carried out.

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DynOpt-Project team:v.l.f.t.r: Kai Bounin (managing director SIVIS, Simon Anderer (academic staff HKA),Prof. Dr. Bernd Scheuermann (project manager HKA), Boris Grothues (Head of Development, SIVIS)


Dynamic Optimization Cooperating with the Karlsruhe-based software company SIVIS GmbH in this industry-funded research project the project partners are involved in joint research and application of the techniques of Dynamic Optimization to drive innovations in management of large-scale enterprise systems.

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Project AutoBer:project team sivis GmbH and HKA


Automated Development of Secure and Human-readable Role-based Access Control Models for ERP Systems Piloting of a software system - the "virtual business consultant" - that allows to partially or completely automate typical IT consultant services

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