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COIL and Virtual Exchange

COIL and Virtual Exchange COIL Networking-Event 2024 Collaborate News

COIL im CAMPUS+ Magazin

COIL und Internationalisation@home rücken weiter in den Fokus der Internationalisierungsmaßnahmen an der HKA. In der neusten Ausgabe des Hochschulmagazins Campus+ wird COIL als innovative Form der internationalen Kollaboration für Professor:innen und Studierende vorgestellt. Auf Seite 53 der Ausgabe 02 / 2024 findet sich der komplette Artikel.


Insights from the Sustainable INGENIUM Challenge

Explore the transformative journey of HKA students as they tackled sustainability challenges head-on in the Sustainable INGENIUM Challenge, fostering collaboration and innovation for a greener campus.
Despite the virtual setting, students also gathered in-person at the [X]Lab co-working space, where they ideated and teamed up to address "Sustainable Development Goals at Campus Level."

Winners' projects will shape the broader INGENIUM Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal Agenda, ensuring a lasting impact on a more sustainable future.

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STIHL sponsors COIL between HKA and NKUST (Taiwan)

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA) and National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) have successfully completed the first collaborative online international learning (COIL) course called "Product Development" during the winter semester 2022/2023.

The COIL course was developed by professors from both universities and covered product design, development, and marketing. The unique cross-cultural learning experience enabled students to develop professional and intercultural competencies.
The core assignment was given by STIHL, a German company that treated students as authentic consultants, giving them clear demands and deadlines to follow. 
This is the first project of this kind, which should definitely be repeated! 

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