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Cooperative study programs

The cooperative development of international study programs takes place primarily within the scope of international dual-degree programs. These are degree programs in which participating students can earn a degree from an international partner university – in some cases even two – in addition to their own university's degree. The stay abroad is an integral part of the program, and the studies at the partner university follow a study plan coordinated between the universities involved. 

However, individual courses can also be developed in cooperation or in coordination with foreign partner universities and then offered to students on both sides. This is currently being done, among other things, within the framework of INGENIUM, an alliance of eight European universities, under the leadership of HKA, and as part of the BA.International@HKA project in cooperation with the TAItech alliance of Taiwanese universities. With their international orientation and, where applicable, internationally mixed groups of participants, these courses help to ensure that our students can also study international@home.

HKA is constantly expanding its cooperative study programs, increasingly including digital formats, and is always open to cooperation proposals in this regard.

The central contact person for such inquiries is Dr. Joachim Lembach, the Director of the International Office.


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