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CHE Master's Ranking, December 2017

The issue of "ZEIT CAMPUS" was published at the beginning of December 2017 with new rankings for master's programs in the subjects of business administration, economics, business information systems and economics, surveyed by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE).

In business administration, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is represented in the current ranking with the master's degree programs "International Management" and "Tricontinental Master in Global Studies". These are represented in the top groups on several occasions, such as in the degrees awarded in a reasonable time and in their international orientation. They also achieve top scores in the opinion of their students, who are particularly convinced by the studyability, the spatial situation of the library facilities and the IT infrastructure. In the Industrial Engineering, the master's program of the same name was ranked, with degrees in a reasonable time again highlighted. In Business Information Systems, the university's master's program of the same name was considered. In this In this, the international orientation and the overall study situation stand out in particular.

For the current ranking, CHE combined data from two surveys (fall 2016 to January 2017, April to July 2017) and thus also took into account evaluations from just under 12,000 students.

Trendence Graduate Barometer - German IT Edition/German Engineering Edition, May 2017

Nationwide survey of  5,446 students at 62 universities in the "German IT Edition" and 11 822 at 74 universities in the "German Engineering Edition" by the Berlin-based trendence Institute.

Hereby, the own students of the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft (HsKA) gave an excellent report.

IT Edition

In seven of ten key evaluation categories, which included 28 individual measurement criteria, the HsKA received decidedly positive ratings from its Informatics and Business Informatics students. In terms of its career counseling and support services, known as Career Service, it ranks first among universities of applied sciences (HAWs) and universities of applied sciences (FHs) nationwide and second among all universities, i.e., including universities, making it one of the absolute "top performers" nationwide.

In the other categories, the HsKA achieved the following rankings among all UASs:

  • Lecturers and professors: 1st place
  • Quality/up-to-dateness of the library: 2nd place
  • Quality of their service and advising facilities: 3rd place
  • Practical relevance of the education: 4th place
  • University location: 4th
  • Cooperation with the business community: 5th

Engineering Edition

HsKA's own students also gave it an excellent report card here - it made it to the top ranks six times in the ten key assessment categories, and in the rating:

  • of the lecturers and professors
  • of the internationality of the education
  • of the cooperation with business
  • of the career counseling and support services
  • of the quality/up-to-dateness of the library
  • of the practical relevance of the training

CHE University Ranking, May 2017

Each year, the CHE University Ranking re-evaluates a third of the subjects, this time business administration, law, economics, social work, business informatics, industrial engineering, business law and economics. With its courses of studies represented here the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA) could achieve top results several times.

Business Informatics
The HsKA achieves a top result with its courses in business informatics and the bachelor's program in international IT business: they occupy a place in the top group in three evaluation criteria at once, namely in the international orientation, the contact with professional practice and the study situation overall. The students in particular were very satisfied with the overall study situation. Of them in particular the "studierbarkeit", the pronounced occupation purchase, the support with study phases abroad and the good library equipment are positively emphasized.

Business Administration
HsKA's degree programs in International Management and the Tricontinental Master's in Global Studies were ranked here. These likewise made it into the top group three times: in completion in a reasonable time, in contact with professional practice, and in support for students at the beginning of their studies. This relates to the wide-ranging offers before the start of studies, at the start of studies and at the beginning of studies. Students are also particularly convinced by the "studyability" of these offers, the premises at the university, the library equipment and the IT infrastructure.

Industrial Engineering
With the courses in this discipline and the new master's program in technology entrepreneurship, the HsKA twice achieves a place in the respective top group: in international orientation and again in contact with professional practice. In the opinion of the students the offers score particularly well in the support during the study, with the teaching offer, the occupation and practice purchase, the support with study sections abroad, the space and library equipment as well as in the IT infrastructure.

Ranking results on other study programs come from CHE surveys conducted in previous years. In 2016, HsKA's mechanical engineering degree programs were in a top group four times: completion in a reasonable amount of time, support from instructors, labor market and career relevance, and overall study situation. In Civil Engineering, HsKA was in the top group in four categories: Graduation in a reasonable time, contact with professional practice and study situation overall, and international orientation. The Mechatronics made it into the top group twice: for completion in a reasonable amount of time and contact with professional practice, and in the Architecture, HsKA did so for completion in a reasonable amount of time and study situation overall.

In the 2015 data collection, HsKA's computer science degree programs each ranked in the top group in their relationship to professional practice and in study time (completion in a reasonable amount of time)
"The results in this renowned university ranking," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Dieter Höpfel, Prorector for Studies, Teaching and International Affairs at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, "have for years repeatedly confirmed the high quality of our study programs, which we achieve in particular through close integration of teaching and applied research. This opens up the best career opportunities for our graduates worldwide. The current results particularly clearly underline the practical orientation of our study programs as well as their international focus - both central strategic goals in our university education."

With more than 300 universities surveyed, 2,700 departments, and more than 10,000 degree programs, the CHE University Ranking is one of the most comprehensive and detailed rankings in the German-speaking world. In addition to facts about studies, teaching, facilities and research, it also takes into account students' assessments of the study conditions at their university. The new ZEIT Study Guide 2017/18 appeared with the ranking results in newsagents on May 9, 2017.

EU-funded U-Multirank, April 2017

U-Multirank is a multidimensional, international university ranking in which nearly 1,500 universities from 99 countries participated this year. It has been conducted since 2014 and is funded by the EU.Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is among the absolute leaders in terms of its international orientation, knowledge transfer and regional commitment. Student ratings in the "Teaching and Learning" category were very good or good in particular for the faculties of Informatics and Business Informatics and Economics.