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CHE Master's Ranking, December 2018

Whoever wants to follow up a bachelor's degree with a master's degree is faced with a plethora of offers and the question of which is the most suitable. The ranking of master's programs is intended to help applicants make the right choice for them. The current issue of "ZEIT CAMPUS" will appear in magazine stores on  December 4, 2018, with new rankings for master's degree programs in computer science and mathematics, in which the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) compares these study programs according to more than 20 individual criteria.

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is represented in the current ranking by its Informatics master's degree program. This is represented in the top groups twice: in the degrees in a reasonable time and in the international orientation.

CHE University Ranking, May 2018

Every year, one third of the subjects are re-evaluated in the CHE University Ranking. This year, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA) is therefore represented by its computer science degree programs. Once again, it was able to achieve a top result, placing in the top group in four out of five central evaluation categories: its computer science students particularly appreciate the general study situation and the support provided by the lecturers. The students also emphasize the study organization, the offers for career orientation and the IT infrastructure in a particularly positive way. The HsKA is also in the top group when it comes to "graduation in a reasonable amount of time". The percentage of students who completed their studies in the standard period of study plus one or two semesters is assessed here. The study programs are also to be found in the top group in "Contact with professional practice". Here, practical elements, excursions, practice-oriented courses, contact with external practitioners in teaching and final theses in exchange with professional practice went into the evaluation.

Ranking results to other study offers come from the CHE investigations of the previous years. The HsKA achieved a top result in 2017 with its study programs in Business Information Systems and the bachelor's study program International IT Business: they occupy a place in the top group in three evaluation criteria at once, namely in international orientation, contact with professional practice and the overall study situation. In business studies, the HsKA's degree programs in International Management and the master's program Tricontinental Master in Global Studys were ranked. These likewise made it into the top group three times: in completion in a reasonable time, in contact with professional practice, and in support for students at the beginning of their studies. With the degree programs in industrial engineering and the new master's program technology entrepreneurship, the HsKA achieved a place in the respective top group twice: in international orientation and, again, in contact with professional practice.

In the 2016 data collection, HsKA's mechanical engineering degree offerings ranked in a top group four times: completion in a reasonable amount of time, faculty support, labor market and career relevance, and overall study situation. In Civil Engineering, HsKA was in the top group in four categories: Graduation in a reasonable time, contact with professional practice and study situation overall, and international orientation. The Mechatronics made it into the top group twice: for completion in a reasonable amount of time and contact with professional practice; in Architecture, HsKA did so for completion in a reasonable amount of time and study situation overall.

"The results in this renowned university ranking," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Frank Artinger, Rector of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences "have for years repeatedly confirmed the high quality of our study programs, which we achieve in particular through a close integration of teaching and applied research. This opens up the best career opportunities for our graduates worldwide. The results particularly clearly underline the practical orientation of our study programs as well as their international focus - both central strategic goals in our university education."

With more than 300 universities surveyed, over 2,700 departments, and more than 10,000 degree programs in over 30 subjects, the CHE University Ranking is one of the most comprehensive and detailed rankings in the German-speaking world. In addition to facts about studies, teaching, facilities and research, it also takes into account the judgments of more than 150,000 students about the study conditions at their university.

WirtschaftsWoche ranking, January 2018

In the nationwide survey of German companies on the best university graduates, more than 500 human resources managers from both small medium-sized companies and large corporations completed a comprehensive questionnaire.

The HsKA occupies the following ranking among German universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen):

With these top rankings, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences can build on its excellent results in previous years and, overall, is the second-best university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) nationwide!