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Applying for a Master’s program

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How do I enroll at the University?

Once you have submitted your online application, the university sets the application to the status "valid" and carries out the admission process.

The admission procedure

The University carries out the admission via the HKA applicant portal. The study programs Geomatics and Civil Engineering Tri-national are non-restricted: here all applicants who have the appropriate qualifications are accepted to study. The other programs are admission-restricted, which means that selection according to a ranking list takes place.

If you have been admitted to a Master's program, the notification of admission will be stored in the application portal. You will be informed about the status change by e-mail via the HKA application portal. Therefore we recommend that you should activate the e-mail notification. Fill out the online application for enrollment, then print it out and sent it, with your signature to

Hochschule Karlsruhe
Postfach 2440
76012 Karlsruhe

by the deadline.

Allocation of study places

Places on the Master's degree programs are generally awarded according to the ranking resulting from the final grade of a suitable first degree program, or the average grade of the submitted transcript of grades. The criteria for calculating the ranking number are specified in the statute pertaining to the selection procedure of each degree program.

The final grade of the first degree must be submitted by the start of lectures at the latest.

Restriction on admission

Except for Geomatics and Civil Engineering Tri-national, the study programs at HKA are admission-restricted, i.e. there is only a limited number of study places available for each study program.

Admission by lottery

If there are still places available after the official application procedure has been concluded, admission by lottery will take place.