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Center for Equal Opportunities

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We are pleased that our GB team has grown so much and that we are actively supported in our activities by the Fair Opportunities Commission (KfC).



Equal Opportunity Officer (part-time)
Mrs. Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Katrin Haußmann
Deputy GB (part-time)
Mrs. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carolin Bahr
Deputy GB  u. Representative for Equal Opportunities (part-time)
Mrs. Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Helga Gabler
Susan Kaufmann
Nicole Fraunhoffer

Centrum für Chancengleichheit (CfC)

We are happy to be there for you!
Anytime at the e-mail address:
gleichstellungspam prevention@h-ka.de
Mon. - Thurs. 9:00 - 13:00
we are available under the telephone number:
0721 925-1095/1199
or in person at our premises:
Building B, Room 218

Fair Opportunity Commission (KfC)

The Fair Opportunity Commission (KfC), as the Equal Opportunity Commission, is a Senate advisory committee to assist the Equal Opportunity Officers.
The Commission addresses current issues related to equal opportunity policy. This includes the allocation of funds for individual projects to promote equal opportunities. The members of the commission are contact persons when it comes to bringing issues regarding fairness and equal opportunities to the individual faculties and institutions.
They are involved in the conception of measures for equal opportunities, equality and the compatibility of family and career or studies, as well as in raising awareness of equality issues. The members of the commission are also the first point of contact when it comes to finding a representative for an appointment committee.
Members of the Fair Opportunity Commission include:

  • Equal Opportunity Officer as Chairperson
  • Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer
  • One professor from each faculty
  • two academic staff
  • two administrative and technical staff
  • two students

The committee meets once a semester. In addition, the Chair may call a meeting of the Commission in important cases.
Commission members apply or are nominated by faculty or associated groups and appointed by the Senate. The term of office is based on the term of office of the Equal Opportunity Officer, and the term of office of the student members is one academic year.


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Katrin Haußmann (Equal Opportunities Officer), Prof. Dr.- Ing. Carolin Bahr (deputy equal opportunities officer), Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Helga Gabler (deputy equal opportunities officer), Prof. Dr.- Ing. Eric Brehm (Faculty AB), Prof. Dr. Alfons Klönne (Faculty EIT), Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Olawsky (Faculty MMT), Prof. Dr. Michael Tewes (Faculty IMM), Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner (Faculty IWI), Prof. Dr. Andrea Cnyrim (Faculty W), Christine Keller (academic staff), Janine Schwienke (administrative staff), Cathrin Hesse (academic staff member), Tobias Ott (administrative staff member), Zoe Kammerdiener (student), Fabian Radermacher (student)

Other contact points

Sexual harassment

If you have questions about sexual harassment, special
contact persons* are available:
Janine Schwienke
Tel.(0721) 925-2508
Tobias Ott
Tel.(0721) 925-1035
Philippe Heubüschel
Katharina Helmstätter 

Violence against women - Do you need help quickly?

For this purpose, the help hotline is at your disposal.
Do not hesitate to call the help hotline at 0800 116 016 
The help line is available around the clock, 365 days a year.
More at: www.hilfetelefon.de