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Femtec - Career-Building Elements

New opportunities for female MINT talent: Femtec concludes cooperation with the HochschulAllianz HAWtech
The Femtec network is growing! We are very happy to announce our partnership with HAWtech (HochschulAllianz für Angewandte Wissenschaften). The common goal is to inspire more female talent for the MINT field, to network them and to increase career options after graduation. The first step is to create a viable offering through analysis and conceptual design in 2021- piloting is planned for 2022. As Femtec, we will contribute our expertise and motivation to realize an attractive scholarship program for female students in STEM subjects and create sustainable synergies. We are very pleased to have six strong technical universities as new partners: FH Aachen, HTW Berlin, Hochschule Darmstadt, HTW Dresden, Hochschule Esslingen and Hochschule Karlsruhe.
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Offers for female employees

Networking day for female employees of the HKA
Equality organized a networking day for all female employees for the first time at the university in the summer semester 2019 with the topic: "Networking -  Creating good connections for effective collaboration".
The goal here was to be able to do one's job well and move one's organization forward with the right contacts. The point was not to exploit relationships, but to create good connections - for others, for oneself and, above all, for effective collaboration within the team and between the individual units of the university. The seminar day was conducted by business coach and author Ms. Isabel Nitzsche.
The networking day conveyed the most important strategies for professional networking:

  • What networking means and what it brings to the professional success of female university staff
  • Using current research findings to network
  • What formal and informal networks are important for women employees in higher education
  • Building and maintaining networks
  • Differences in networking between men and women
  • The best strategies for professional networking and keeping in touch
  • Dealing with difficult situations when networking
  • Inventory: overview of own networks and outlook
  • Quality networking: the role of "brokers"
  • Measuring networking success

The interest in this event was very high and the seminar was quickly booked. 18 female colleagues spent a full day on networking topics. The day was consistently perceived by all participants as profitable and positive.

Offers for female professors

Coaching for women professors of the HKA
Equality organizes coaching sessions for women professors in small groups.
The goal is to help female professors at PCA,

  • get to know each other better and network with each other
  • Improve strategies
  • To promote assertiveness
  • Strengthen self-marketing skills

The coaching is conducted with external coaches on three seminar days each. For the first time in the SoSe 2017, followed by further dates in the SoSe 2018 and 2019, coaching for female professors was carried out on the initiative of equality on three seminar days each. Already at the time of registration, the coaching met with a great response and was fully booked within a few days. The events were a complete success and more than met expectations.
Each of the coaching days started with a short keynote speech by Isabel Nitzsche. In the afternoon, the participants worked on concrete questions from their everyday work.
The referent, Mrs. Isabel Nitzsche, diploma journalist and Germanist (M. A. phil.), is independent as a journalist with its Redaktionsbüro printTV and Business Coach in Munich. The job and career Expertin is active for the technical periodical ?restaurant psychology up-to-date? as editorship leader and author of successful non-fiction books such as ?rules of the game in the job durchschauen? She regularly gives lectures and workshops for companies, organizations and at universities and colleges. As a coach, she has been supporting female professionals and executives, including those from academia, in their professional development for years. For more info, see www.printtv.de

Network meeting for female professors

In the meantime, it has become a real institution: the network meeting for female professors! Equality organizes the meeting once a semester. The female professors can exchange ideas and network in an informal way at these meetings. We arrange the meetings very differently and flexibly. From external impulse lectures, exchange at topic tables up to simply only beer garden or celebrations everything is present.

Self-defense courses

Since 2009, Equality has been offering assertiveness and self-defense courses with the aim of being prepared for situations in which one feels uncomfortable or even acutely endangered. Our society has changed in recent years and there are more and more attacks and assaults, which should be met with strength and self-confidence (perpetrators usually choose the seemingly weak). Initially, the course was aimed at female students. In the winter semester 2015/2016, we were able to expand the offer and provide the events for all university members. Since then, Equality has organized a multi-week course based on ESDO (European alternative to Asian martial arts) and a one-day Krav-Maga workshop for all university members each semester, and additionally a multi-week ESDO course for women only during the dark season of the winter semester. All courses regularly register a very high demand and are usually fully booked after a short time.The following contents are covered in the workshops:

  • Emergency defense regulations
  • Violence prevention
  • active  self-defense

As a trainer for the multi-week Esdo courses, we were able to win Ms. Sabine Ritter . In the courses, she combines theoretical information entertaining with practical exercises. The feedback from the participants confirms that the courses are fun, and many of them take part again and again. The Krav Maga courses are conducted by trainers of the Krav Maga School Karlsruhe www.km-freiburg.de. Krav Maga is easy to learn, the techniques are based on the natural instincts and reflexes of humans. We regularly receive very positive feedback from participants for these courses as well: The course had met or even exceeded expectations to the highest degree, the participants found the trainers great and the course content very well explained.

Projekte im MINT-Bereich

Girls Conquer Robots
Roberta® - Learning with Robots uses the fascination of robots to teach students about science, technology and computer science in an exciting and hands-on way, offering a fun approach to computer science. The Roberta® concept with extensive teaching and learning materials was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS). Read more


mentoring program. In 2013, on the initiative of Mrs. Prof. Sissi Closs, the innovative mentoring program TeamUp by STEM students for STEM students started at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The Competence Center for Technology Diversity Equal Opportunity, recognized TeamUp as Project of the Month in April 2015. TeamUP is now being managed under the name TeamUp-Mentoring www.hs-karlsruhe.de/teamup-mentoring  by the university cooperation project SKATING (Study Reform Process KArlsruhe for the Transformation of the INGenieurstudium). You can find more Mint projects of our university school in the Komm, mach MINT portal: www.komm-mach-mint.de/schuelerinnen

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