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Communication and Media Management

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About the program

The program is divided into basic studies (first and second semester) and advanced studies (third to seventh semester). In the fifth semester, you will complete an internship semester in a company of your choice.

The courses of the basic studies provide a solid basis on which to build in the further course of studies. During the first two semesters, you will receive an introduction to technical documentation and learn about the theoretical background in the fields of language, information technology and design. You will expand your knowledge of the fundamentals of science and technology and try out the use of various programs and tools that will accompany you throughout your studies.

In the advanced studies, you will deepen your knowledge in the various subject areas of the program and then apply it across disciplines in several projects per semester.

For example, right at the beginning of the advanced studies you will use the knowledge gained from the previous lectures to plan from scratch an entire document in the area of technical documentation and then create it yourself. The importance of words, the comprehensibility of texts, and working with multilingual documents are among the topics covered in the area of language and communication. You will phrase your own texts and deal with tools that support you in writing. You will learn how to structure, manage and reuse information and which international standards exist for this in the area of information management. You will learn about special systems for this and develop your own concepts for implementing these systems. In the area of multimedia, you will learn how to create websites, 3D models and simple 3D applications, and deal with e-learning. The actual production of media and the basics of layout and typography are covered in the design area. You will learn about the technical background of media production and how companies handle the uniform design of their media. You will also expand your knowledge in the area of technology. You will receive an introduction to vehicle and machine engineering and work on style elements of technology didactics. Further contents of the advanced studies are scientific work, law and standards, dealing with target groups and usability testing.

Finally, the program concludes with a thesis in the seventh semester. The professors will support you in selecting the topic and will be ready to advise you during the three-month processing period. After the colloquium, you will receive the academic degree Bachelor of Arts and are thus qualified to join a Master's degree program.


Program Director
Prof. Dr. Petra Drewer

petra.drewerspam prevention@h-ka.de


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Study content

The module catalog provides a detailed description of the individual course contents that you can expect in the seven semesters.

Basic studies

First semester
IT Basics A
Language and Linguistics
Engineering A
Technical Documentation A


Second semester
IT Basics B
Text Linguistics A
Language and Design A
Engineering B
Internet Technologies
Technical Documentation B


Major studies

Third semester
Information Technology
User Experience
Technical Documentation C
Technical Documentation D
Language and Design B
Text Linguistics B


Sixth semester
Information Systems A
Engineering D
Visual Communication
Intercultural Communication
Language Management


Fourth semester
User Assistance
Information Management
Media Production
Terminology Management
Engineering C


Seventh semester
Information Systems B
Information Architecture
Media Management
Bachelor’s thesis
Final colloquium


Fifth semester
Internship semester


English language

Globalization is playing an increasingly important role in the world of work, and English language skills have become an indispensable part of international communication. Therefore, in the course of your studies, you will learn useful English terms and phrases from the fields of technology and business, as well as how to use the English language in a professional context. The university's Foreign Language Institute ensures excellent foreign language training by native English speakers. After successfully attending the courses, you will receive the certificate of level C1 (advanced English), with which you can score points on the international job market.



Module catalog

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