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Regular excursions to companies and institutions dealing with entrepreneurship ensure that students have good contact opportunities and get practical experience.

Examples: SAP Innovation Center, Code University, store2be, Cisco Open Innovation Center, Fraunhofer-Institut, VoltStorage.


Internship or start-up? Your choice

You can carry out your two technology projects in cooperation with an already existing company. This will give you a high level of practical experience, as you will have two full days per week free from lectures, spending this time working directly in the company.

If you are pursuing your 'own' project - either creating a start-up, planning a succession, or implementing a spin-off - this would be used for your technology project, giving you the chance to learn 'hands-on' how to implement it successfully. The professors will coach you as you pursue your technology project and develop entrepreneurial skills.

You have the option of doing one technology project covering two semesters, or two technology projects, each covering one semester.

No matter which option you choose: In total, you will complete 25 weeks of practical phase/internship outside of the University. This is mandatory.


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Facilities for future founders

HKA offers you support by facilities such as the xLab, the Entrepreneurship Garage and regularly held guest lectures and events for people interested in founding a company. You will have many opportunities to put your knowledge to the test in practice as well as expand your professional network to the local and national start-up scene.

What about going abroad?

As a rule, most students already complete one semester of study at a foreign university in the course of their Bachelor's program. If you are toying with this idea for your Master's studies you should consider the following: Due to the structure of the program with the two integrated technology projects, a semester abroad will most likely prolong your study time. In any case, recognition of the examinations taken abroad must be agreed upon in advance by the Program Director within the framework of a Learning Agreement.

However, you could write your Master's thesis at a company or research institution abroad. You are welcome to contact the Director of the study program to discuss possibilities.

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