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During your studies, you will have learned the tools of the trade, e.g. to successfully promote your own start-up. Or you will soon be joining the management team of a family-run company. Maybe you would like to apply your knowledge of business models and innovations in an existing company and optimize processes there. All these options are open to you when graduating with the Technology Entrepreneurship Master's degree.

Last but not least: Successful completion of the program also qualifies you to pursue a doctorate.

If you decide to start your career directly: Especially in and around Karlsruhe there are many promising companies from the high-tech industry and the service sector, where our graduates are very welcome. Some students already get to know their future employer during their studies. Valuable contacts are made during the time as working students, during the technology projects, excursions, or during a cooperative final thesis. A special point in favor of our graduates is their particularly high level of problem-solving skills.

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A graduate talks about her experiences

Friederike Renker is a graduate from the first TEEM batch.
She decided to specialize in Company Succession.

"The course content gives a comprehensive insight into multi-layered areas of a company, both technically and in terms of business management. This helps me to make important decisions later as a successful entrepreneur."

My decision to study TEEM

After completing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Engineering at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, I decided to pursue a Master's degree. I wanted to find a program that would deepen my technical expertise from the bachelor's program and at the same time offer courses on entrepreneurship. I found a very well-matched combination of both in the Technology-Entrepreneurship Master's program, and I was particularly impressed by the specialization in Company Succession.

The program and the technology projects

The Technology-Entrepreneurship Master’s program consists of three semesters and focuses on Start-up, Corporate Entrepreneurship, and Company Succession. For the first two semesters, TEEM students attend all lectures together. Except for the elective modules (Knowledge Management, Data Science and Additive Manufacturing) and the Technology Projects 1 and 2. The third semester is dedicated to writing the master's thesis, as well as to academic immersion into the above-mentioned focus areas.

The lectures are individually designed and are supplemented with several project works, provided by small and medium-sized enterprises from the Karlsruhe region. In addition to the lectures, there are two days per week that are free of lectures. We use this time to work on the technology project. The students can find themselves independently the problem to work on or fall back on tasks set by the professors. It is possible, for example, to work on your own start-up idea, on the growth strategy for your own family business, or to carry out projects in cooperation with companies. The aim is to apply the theoretical knowledge of the lectures in an entrepreneurial context.

In addition to studying, there are numerous other opportunities for further development in the field of entrepreneurship. These include events organized by the University group Innovate e.V. and the xLab. The xLab offers various events, such as poster sessions or Entrepreneur Kick-off events, to bring together founders, people interested in founding a company, accelerators, and start-up advisors.

My personal professional goals

After graduating with a Master's degree, my goal is to first gain professional and practical experience outside of the family business in order to further my personal development.

Specialization in Corporate Succession

With the help of the specialization module Corporate Succession, I hope to get the fine-tuning to be able to act as a successful entrepreneur in the future. From the courses on Company Analysis, Valuation and Transfer, Inheritance Law and the corporate succession process, I hope to be able to correctly assess the risks and opportunities involved in succession. The course content gives a comprehensive insight into multi-layered areas of a company, both technically and in terms of business management. By understanding entrepreneurial contexts, I trust to feel confident when it comes to making important decisions.

Organization & exams