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Industrial Automation


Industrial Automation

Production in Germany as a location for industry
Industrial Automation plays an essential role for Germany as an industrial location. In high-tech production, "Industry 4.0", people communicate and cooperate with machines. If you are curious about how industrial plants, logistics and products can be optimized, this specialization will take you to interesting destinations.

Artificial intelligence and robotics 
The entire creation of the product is focused on, not just a single production step, and, above all, it should be designed to be safe. Information and communication technology is combined with artificial intelligence and increasingly powerful robots. Many repetitive steps in industrial production are performed safely by digitally controlled machines. And you will significantly contribute to this - in broadly diversified areas of responsibility.

At a glance

Qualification awarded Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Start of program Winter semester  & Summer semester
ECTS credit points 210 in total
Standard period of study 7 semesters
Admission prerequisites Pre-study work experience is not required
Semester abroad 5.
Accreditation Yes (certificate)


Claudia Gieb

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Who is the program aimed at?

The program is suitable for anyone interested in the fields of mathematics, physics, and computer science. If you are fascinated by technology and software and enjoy tinkering with scientific and mathematical challenges, then this is the right place for you. 

Furthermore, are you interested in complex systems and would like to drive developments that execute work processes automatically? In that case, Industrial Automation is the right choice.

A student talks about her experiences

Melanie Vukas: What fascinates me about Industrial Automation is simply the almost limitless possibilities you have in areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and so on. Above all, I'm interested in automation in industry. Entire halls where machines independently store material, get certain material, transport it to another place and all that without human help. Simply incredible!


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