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Industrial Automation

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Welcome to Industry 4.0, your new home!

Production and logistics - these are very universal terms, aren't they? In those places where these terms are used, in the area of plant engineering, here you could find your future workplace. Would you like a few examples? How about robot controls, production lines, filling plants?

The industry’s diversity results in a wide application range for you to find work
As an engineer in industrial automation, you will work, for example, in the electrical industry, in mechanical engineering, the automotive sector, aerospace or energy supply. You design, optimize and network open and closed-loop control systems, production modules and robots to form an overall system.

Theory or application? Or indeed both?
You can focus on both areas at the same time. How? Develop the software for an automation system and then support it. Or become a field service representative and take over the commissioning of systems. Alternatively, you can focus on development. Everything is possible.

Engineers wanted in the electrical engineering and information technology area

According to a member survey conducted by the VDMA in November 2022, 71% of companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector will hire engineers for electrical engineering and information technology within the next few years.

According to the VDI/IW Engineer Monitor for the second quarter of 2021, 77,310 engineers are currently being sought in Germany, among them being as much as 15,420 specialists from the energy and electrical engineering sector and 9,530 from the technical research and production control sector.

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