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Mechatronic & Micro-Mechatronic Systems (EU4M)

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Structure of the study program

The Master in Mechatronic and Micro-Mechatronic Systems program consists of 4 semesters and starts annually in winter semester.

The first year of study is spent at the HKA. Here you will attend mechatronics lectures with specialization in micro-mechatronics and language courses.

In the second year, from the third semester onwards, you will study a specialization at an EU4M partner institution abroad.


In the third semester, students choose one out of the different specializations offered by the participating institutions. You choose the institution abroad for your second year of study when applying according to your interests and language skills. The following specializations are offered by the partner universities:


The fourth semester is dedicated to writing the master’s thesis which may be carried out at any of the associated partner institutions or at a company.


Annette Knödler B.Sc.
Assistant for the program
Moltkestr. 30
76133 Karlsruhe
+49 (0)721 925-1709
Email: annette.knoedlerspam prevention@h-ka.de

Schedule for your studies

Listed below you will find all the modules you will study in the individual semesters. A module consists of several courses. In the module handbook you will find detailed information about the course of studies, courses, examinations, literature as well as the ECTS awarded.

First semester
Automation 1
Design and Manufacturing 1
Mechatronics 1
Key Qualifications 1


Second semester
Automation 2
Design and Manufacturing 2
Mechatronics 2
Key Qualifications 2


Third semester
Mechatronics Prototypes
Mechatronic Systems
Specialization in Micro-Mechatronics
Focus module 1: Energy Autonomous Microsystems
Specialization in Micro-Mechatronics
Focus module 2: Core elective 1
Specialization in Energy Efficiency
Focus module 1: Control and Safety of Refrigeration Systems
Vertiefungsrichtung Energieeffizienz
Focus module 2: Core elective 2
Key Qualifications 3


Fourth semester
Master's thesis
Final exam



What language skills do I need?

At the time of application, you will need at least level A1 for the language of instruction of your chosen country of destination. You will expand this knowledge during the first year of study by means of language courses at IFS. When transferring to the university abroad in the third semester, you need to have level B1 of the corresponding language of instruction.

  • Germany, language of instruction: German
  • Spain, language of instruction: Spanish
  • France, language of instruction: French
  • Russia, language of instruction: English
  • Egypt, language of instruction: English
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