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Mechatronic & Micro-Mechatronic Systems (EU4M)

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Manifold career opportunities

Mechatronics engineers can be competently employed as "all-rounders" both in mechanical engineering and in electrotechnical environments. Typically, they develop systems, and for this they need a general and far-reaching technical knowledge. This is why they are in great demand in industry - e.g. as development engineers, project managers or, at a later stage, in technical management.

The career opportunities for our graduates are excellent in all participating countries, but also in other countries. The combination of specialized knowledge, foreign languages and intercultural competence opens up excellent opportunities on the international job market as well as in the doctoral and research fields.

Due to the different specializations offered in our Master's program, a wide range of career opportunities is open to our graduates.


Annette Knödler B.Sc.
Assistant for the program
Moltkestr. 30
76133 Karlsruhe
+49 (0)721 925-1709
Email: annette.knoedlerspam prevention@h-ka.de

Graduate Nikola talks about his experiences

“After my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and numerous stays abroad, it was clear to me that I wanted to use my final semesters of study to broaden my horizon to include electrical engineering and computer science while learning another language. In the end, I spend 4 semesters of study at a total of 3 institutes in Germany, France and the UK  and thus discovered my individual path to medical robotics and my PhD. Along the way, I also got to meet great people and became part of an international network full of inspiring personalities.”

Abschluss 2019, aus Deutschland
EU4M: HKA, UniOvi Spanien

"Nach meiner Ausbildung als Industriemechaniker, meinem Bachelorstudium in Maschinenbau und zahlreicher Auflandsaufenthalte war für mich klar, dass ich meine letzten Studiensemester nutzen wollte, um meinen Horizont in Richtung Elektrotechnik und Informatik zu erweitern und gleichzeitig noch eine Sprache zu lernen. Am Ende war ich innerhalb von 4 Studiensemestern an insgesamt 3 Instituten in Deutschland, Frankreich und UK und habe dadurch meinen individuellen Weg in die Medizinrobotik und meine Promotion gefunden. Auf diesem Weg durfte ich außerdem großartige Menschen kennenlernen und wurde Teil eines internationalen Netzwerkes voller inspirierender Persönlichkeiten."


Absolvent Nikola berichtet

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