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Power Engineering and Renewable Energy


Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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Power Engineering and Renewable Energies

Energy supply is one of the most important and simultaneously obe of the most critical issues of these days. It has great economic and political significance, and even more so, it is the key to long-term environmental protection.

How can energy be provided safely and as efficiently as possible? Which forms of energy production are best suited for a sustainable energy transition in the medium and long term? Which areas in research and development are still untouched?

Become a world saver with heart and mind
In the study of Energy Technology & Renewable Energies, we teach you the methodology to evaluate your own ideas and at the same time work in a goal-oriented manner. We really go into depth and consolidate the theoretical knowledge with a lot of practical work in our laboratories. In this way, you lay the foundation for conceiving, developing and implementing significant future projects. In this way, you will make an enormous contribution to saving our planet. You will create creative freedom for yourself in an exciting and varied industry. And last but not least, you will have a crisis-proof job with unimagined career opportunities.


Nadine Bäumler

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Apply for the study program Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The choice of the specialization Power Engineering and Renewable Energies is made in the 3rd semester:

Alumna interview

Yuliya Bessedin: I am a third-generation engineer. Even as a child, I noticed that I was much better with math than with art. In later classes, I learned basics of engineering and physics. In order to deepen this knowledge, I completed the apprenticeship at a polytechnic college in the field of building services engineering. After the integration and parental break, I acquired the German Fachhochschulreife and chose Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences as my place of study.

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Who is the program aimed at?

Are you a newcomer? Or you have already completed an apprenticeship, but would now like to go more in-depth?

Or you are simply enthusiastic about renewable energies, technology and software and like to tinker with scientific and mathematical issues?

If you would also like to play an active role in solving problems relating to the energy transition and climate protection, then you're in demand here. Welcome to the Energy Technology & Renewable Energies degree program!

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