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Power Engineering and Renewable Energy

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Take an active part in shaping the energy transition!

The combination of energy technology and renewable energies is crucial for sustainable change. You will gain in-depth insights into the extraction, provision, utilization and storage of energy, conversion and distribution. You will learn how to regulate and secure the energy supply and also which components are available for this purpose.

Being ideally prepared - in theory and practice
In addition to the technical aspects, business management components such as energy assessments or cost/profit evaluation play an important role in your studies. In practical work in our laboratories, you will also deepen the knowledge you have acquired by, for example, creating photovoltaic island systems or lithium-ion batteries yourself. We thus provide you with the basis for being able to do creative development work after graduation. And if that's not enough for you, you can then also take on the practical implementation.

This is how your studies in the Power Engineering & Renewable Energies program work
All students in the Electrical and Information Engineering program complete a common foundation course in the first two semesters. Energy Technology and Renewable Energies is one of five majors available for selection for the main course of study starting in the 3rd semester. How the individual semesters are structured and what is hidden behind the modules is explained below.


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