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English is the global language of science and business. No matter which line of work you are in - you will need to communicate in English. Technical literature is mostly available in English and multinational teams often use English as the common language for meetings and networking. We look forward to seeing you in our courses!

English courses at a glance

German as a foreign language

You are studying in Karlsruhe for a semester or perhaps for a few years? You need German for socialising, for your job and for your studies? Our courses prepare you not only for your first friendly conversations, but also for professional and academic life.

We use German in the classroom right from the start, and train speaking, listening, writing and reading in equal proportions. On successful completion of a German course you can acquire a certificate according to the corresponding CEFR level.

We offer a DSH preparation course as well as special courses to prepare you for an internship or to use scientific language.

By taking an intensive course and a semester course, you can progress a whole CEFR level in one semester. 

German courses at a glance


Spanish is spoken in 21 countries and by more than 500 million people worldwide. Learning Spanish is enriching for every student and is a valuable skill for your professional career. 

Spanish courses at a glance


French - the language of love, also offers excellent opportunities in the professional world: France is Germany's most important political and economic partner in Europe. Knowledge of French is therefore a plus for your résumé, especially in the region around Karlsruhe, and not only here: besides English, French is the only language spoken on all five continents – it is your key to the world.

Other Languages

You are interested in different languages and cultures? You want to learn the basics of a language and discover interesting cultural and regional aspects of a country?

In the "Language and Intercultural Practice" (SiP) courses you can learn the language skills you need to cope with everyday situations and discover relevant cultural and regional information for various countries.

Currently we offer: Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.

Tandem language exchange

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