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Learn a Foreign Language

Overview Languages Course Registration Certificates

You have learnt a language at the IFS?  Have it certified!


Required course(s)

Foreign Language Certificate English C1 

Business English C1 and Technical English C1

Foreign Language Certificate German A2
Foreign Language Certificate German B1
Foreign Language Certificate German B2

German as a Foreign Language A2.2
German as a Foreign Language B1.2
German as a Foreign Language B2.2

Foreign Language Certificate French B1
Foreign Language Certificate French B2           

French B1.2
Français des Affaires B2 and Français de l’Entreprise B2

Foreign Language Certificate Spanish B1
Foreign Language Certificate Spanish B2

Spanish B1.2
Spanish B2.2

You may apply for a Foreign Language Certificate as soon as your grade is online. It takes approximately two weeks to process. The initial certificate is free for HKA students. It is only issued once. Currently it is only possible to send certificates to postal addresses within Germany.

                 Apply here


Certificate of Attendance

This document confirms successful participation in a course. You can apply for a 'Certificate of Attendance' if you require proof of attendance in a course but are not eligible for the IFS Language Certificate yet.

Processing can take up to three weeks. The document is free. Currently, we can send the certificates by e-mail on request.

                 Apply here


Proof of language level (CEFR) for your semester or internship abroad

Many universities and colleges require proof of language proficiency for enrollment. At the IFS you can get the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) language certificate. This is accepted by many colleges/universities and employers.

If you have already successfully completed an IFS language course, you can request the DAAD certificate below.

If you have not attended an IFS course, you can take our DAAD language level test. Participation in an IFS Course is not required for this test.

DAAD test dates WiSe 21/22

09.11.21  and 07.12.21 and 11.01.22

Register on LSF (FSDAAD). The test is run online. There are three parts: Reading (multiple choice in ILIAS), Writing (essay via ILIAS) and Oral Interaction (a video conference).

For HKA students the test is free, guests are charged a fee of €50, which must be paid at the cash desk of the university. The receipt must be submitted before the test.