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Certificate / Certificate of Attendance

Here you can apply for a 'Certificate of Attendance' or the 'IFS Language Certificate'.

Processing can take up to three weeks. The document is free. Currently, we can send the 'IFS Language Certificate' by post and the 'Certificate of Attendance' by e-mail on request.

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DAAD Language Certificate for your semester or internship abroad

Many universities and colleges abroad require proof of language proficiency for enrolment. The HKA offers you the opportunity to obtain a language certificate from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This is usually accepted by colleges/universities and employers.

If you have already successfully completed an IFS language course, you can request this certificate below.

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If you have not yet attended an IFS course, you can take the DAAD language certificate test. We offer this test three times a semester. Participation in a course is not required for this.
You can register via LSF (FSDAAD). 

registration DAAD test

For HKA students the test is free, guests are charged a fee of €50. The receipt must be submitted before the test. 

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