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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences

KOOR - Erasmus Services BW

Largest Erasmus consortium in Germany and competent service provider

KOOR - Erasmus Services BW,  where KOOR stands for "Koordinierungsstelle für die Praktischen Studiensemester der Fachhochschulen in Baden-Württemberg / Baden Württemberg Partnership for the Exchange of Students, Graduates and Knowlege Transfer", is an Erasmus consortium founded in 1975 as central institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg with headquarters at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe. 

Currently, there are cooperation agreements with 41 universities regarding the handling of mobilities under Key Action 1 under Erasmus+. Among them are 9 universities, 22 universities of applied sciences and 11 universities of art and music. The core area is the management and handling of the Erasmus Internship Program for all 41 partners. In addition, KOOR - Erasmus Services BW takes over the area of study visits and staff mobility for 10 partners.

The primary goal is to open up the possibility of a work and/or study experience abroad in Europe to a possible high number of students and graduates in Baden-Württemberg. On a qualitative level, the aim is to provide extensive assistance to students, graduates, teaching and administrative staff of the universities participating in the consortium, so that the path to a stay abroad is facilitated.

Do you want to learn more about working with KOOR - Erasmus Services BW? Here you will find:

  • Benefits for consortium partners
  • How you can become a consortium partner
  • Information on accreditation
  • Figures and facts
  • List of our current consortium partners incl. ECHE & EPS


If you have any further questions, the Erasmus coordinator Bettina Stengl and her team  will be happy to help.

Advantages for consortium partners

KOOR - Erasmus Services BW takes over for its partners:

  • the entire project management and reporting,
  • the project controlling and finances,
  • the applicant management and grant processing,
  • the conception and implementation of marketing and communication activities,
  • the constant further development of qualitative counseling and support services, including in the areas of safety precautions, language support, intercultural preparation, internship search, exchange of experience but also user-friendly and service-oriented scholarship processing,
  • the support of the grantees from the beginning to the end of their stay, including advice on questions and emergencies,
  • the planning and implementation of the digitization requirements of the EU COM / the DAAD,
  • for foreign students planning a practical stay in Germany, the application at the Central Foreign and Professional Placement (ZAV) for the agreement, which serves as proof of permitted employment and the application for a residence title 

The bundling of these tasks at KOOR - Erasmus Services BW provides the consortium partners for significant work relief. They can use the time thus gained for additional consulting and other projects and programs abroad.

Because the OS funds for the funded mobilities remain with KOOR - Erasmus Services BW, there are no membership fees or other costs for the consortium partners

How do I become a consortium partner?

Did we arouse your interest and would you like to become part of our consortium? In addition to the requirements of higher education institutions wishing to participate in the ERASMUS+ program (more info here), as a consortium you must give us amandate and sign a Declaration of Cooperation in which, among other things, it is stated which activities we as a consortium may handle for you.

If you have any questions, it is best to call us or send us an email 
Erasmus Coordinator Bettina Stengl and her team will be happy to help you.



In order to operate as an Erasmus consortium and apply for Erasmus funds, KOOR - Erasmus Services BW requires an accreditation certificate. This document is equivalent to the ECHE at universities.

Last accreditations of KOOR - Erasmus Services BW:

  • 2014  for the 2014, 2015 and 2016
    projects ⇒ accreditation: 2014-1-DE01-KA108-000351
  • 2017 for the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020
    projects ⇒ accreditation: 2017-1-DE01-KA108-003290

We are also very happy to announce that we have been accredited again for the whole next programme generation of 2021-2027.

  • Accreditation number: 2021-1-DE01-KA130-HED-000004031
  • Erasmus Code: D KARLSRU05_K
  • PIC: 997543927
  • OID: E10195032
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Facts and figures

KOOR - Erasmus Services BW has grown steadily over the last few years .

Not only the number of funded mobilities, but also the approved budget, the number of employees as well as the number of consortium partners and activities taken over have increased:

  • Development of Mobility figures(PDF)
  • 42 consortium partners (as of April 2021)
  • 4 activities - SMP, SMS, STA, STT
  • 10 staff including student assistants + 1 manager
  • In the team a total of 7 different languages are spoken

Consortium partners of KOOR - Erasmus Services BW

  • The ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) of Hochschule Karlsruhe can be found here.
  • The EPS (European Erasmus+ Policy Statement) of Hochschule Karlsruhe can be found here.
  • The ECHE and the EPS of all other partners can be found on the websites of the respective universities.

9 Universities

KOOR – Erasmus Services BW

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