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Architecture and Civil Engineering

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The learning environment

"Teaching does much, but encouragement does everything." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

In order to learn effectively, the learning environment must also be right. So that you can quickly settle into academic learning, there are versatile offers that accompany you as you start your studies.
To ensure that the gray theory becomes second nature to you, a variety of laboratories are available. Both in laboratory exercises and demonstrations as well as for self-study, the labs are open to you.

Other institutions at the university also offer information and opportunities to LEARN and support you through MENTORING PROGRAMS from the beginning. Also check out the information on STUDY ENTRY - you'll be able to find your way around your studies in no time.

Learning aids and labs

Tutors accompanying lectures

You don't learn from books alone - it's good to have someone who can explain things to you between lectures. For this reason, our study programs rely on lecture-accompanying tutorials, in which knowledge that has been heard and read can be deepened and consolidated.
More information on the individual tutorials can be found in the individual study programs.

Mathematics learning center

If math still gives you a bit of a stomachache, that's no big deal. Our team at the Math Learning Center will help you fill in the gaps or brush up on what you've forgotten, so that math is no longer a closed book for you either.

For more information, please see the document below.
Information sheet Learning Center Mathematics

Architecture workshop

The model building workshop in the LB building is open to all students of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Here you can turn your designs into three-dimensional working or presentation models. The workshop is open throughout the academic year and if you have any questions, the workshop manager Thomas Brenner will be happy to assist you.

Hydraulic engineering laboratory

The Laboratory of Hydraulic Engineering (VAW) is the oldest laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering - but no less up-to-date. In civil engineering courses, you will learn to apply the theory of water in practical exercises here.

Committees & People