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Green Technology Management


Green Technology Management

Program starts in winter semester 2022/23

Engineering, economics and management combined

In the Green Technology Management program, you will acquire the scientific basics of an engineering degree plus subjects from economics and management. The content is focused on green technologies for environmental and climate protection.

This new combination provides a holistic overview of current developments in the field of green technologies. You will understand how to develop them, evaluate them from technical and business perspectives, and finally implement the most sustainable solution for climate protection in companies or public authorities.

For the demand for technologies and products for environmental and climate protection is growing worldwide. Skilled engineers are needed to develop them and make them usable in everyday life. But the diversity of technologies, political and social contexts, and legal frameworks can no longer be dealt with separately. The interrelationships are just too complex.

That's why engineers will need a holistic overview of green technologies that goes beyond technical expertise.

Green technologies - what does this mean?

Green and sustainable technologies include wind turbines, hydroelectric and solar power plants, hydrogen fuel cells, heat pumps and more. They will change the energy supply in many industries, such as metal and mechanical engineering, automotive, energy, chemicals and raw materials, and construction. The issues of energy efficiency, air conditioning and refrigeration technology for buildings and in production, raw material and material efficiency in product development, and the control of business processes with regard to CO2 balance and sustainability are in demand. The focus is always on protecting the climate and resources.

Green technologies as an economic factor

In addition to the fundamentals of technology, you will gain additional knowledge from the fields of business and management during your studies. For example, you will learn how to select technologies and energy systems according to technical, economic and social aspects and how to evaluate them. This includes current development and management methods such as product life cycle, cradle-to-cradle, or agile project management.

Students who successfully complete the program are highly qualified for the job market as fully trained engineers with additional knowledge in economics and management. 

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Faculty Office MMT
Moltkestr. 30
76133 Karlsruhe
Ms Lolita Lengenfelder
Ms Stefanie Tolmie
+49 (0)721 925-1914
Email: sekretariat.mmtspam prevention@h-ka.de

Who is the program aimed at?

Students with a strong interest in environmental topics have come to the right place. The Green Technology Management program combines engineering studies with business and management content. It is therefore suitable for all students with an interest in STEM subjects as well as an interest in economic and business matters. In addition, project management, marketing and social issues play a role.

Was sind grüne Technologien?

Im Video „Mit Wasser kühlen – klimaneutral und energieeffizient“ wird dargestellt, wie man z.B. Serverräume und Industrieanlagen umweltfreundlich kühlen kann. Diese Technik kommt übrigens auch an der Hochschule Karlsruhe zum Einsatz. Auch kannst du in diesem Fachbereich bei uns forschen - z.B. am Institut für Kälte-, Klima- und Umwelttechnik

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„Mit Wasser kühlen – klimaneutral und energieeffizient“ - VDI / Jörg Moll
(Wissenschaftliche Beratung: HKA / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kauffeld)

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