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Re-enrollment and de-registration

How do I re-enroll?

What does re-enrollment mean?

By paying the required fees, you indicate to the university that you wish to continue your studies in the next semester.

How to re-enroll?

Students re-enroll by using the online system only (Online Service 3) to activate a one-time debit authorization for the next semester. A personal appearance is not required.

When do I re-enroll?  

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for re-enrollment deadlines.

How do I de-register?

Exmatrikulation (i.e. de-registration) will terminate your studies at HKA. Hereby, your membership of HKA will end also.

It may take place at your request or for formal reasons.

There are the following reasons for de-registration:

  • When you transfer to another university to graduate there
  • When you quit your studies before graduating
  • When you fail exams with no option to re-take
  • When you do not pass exams within the required timeframe
  • When you fail to re-enroll for the next semester before the deadline
  • When you successfully finish your final exam
  • When your studies are not yet finished successfully (in case of external finals)

You can download here the form to apply for de-registration, or collect it at the Student Registry in building R.