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Hochschule KarlsruheHochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
Forschungsgruppe Wassertechnologie

Water Technology

The Water Technology research group, headed by Prof. Jan Hoinkis, has been involved in numerous national and international research projects for 20 years, which are funded by institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the EU Commission, the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, the Federal Foundation for the Environment, etc . The research focus of the group is in the field of sensor-based and energy-optimized membrane filtration technology in waste water recycling and drinking water treatment for the development of innovative resource- and energy-efficient processes. The research group was able to build up an international network with numerous universities and research institutes worldwide. These include, for example, the Institute on Membrane Technology (ITM-CNR), theUniversity of Calabria (UNICAL) in Cosenza, Italy, theRoyal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden, the Swansea University, UK, theEGE University and the Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), Turkey, as well as theUniversity of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia (USQ). In the latter, Prof. Hoinkis was appointed adjunct professor in 2018.

Collaborative doctorates have been and are currently being carried out with the ITM-CNR and UNICAL. In addition to basic research, technology transfer in cooperation with industrial partners, especially small and medium-sized companies, is of great importance. Thus, the activities of the group contribute to the profile development of the university in the field of research for innovative, resource- and energy-efficient processes.


Head of Research Group

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Hoinkis

Tel: +49 (0)721 925-1372
jan.hoinkisspam prevention@h-ka.de