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Autonomous Driving Test Field

Autonomous to and from the front door

Autonomous and automated driving functions can bring great benefits to society. Long-term examples of this are autonomous on-demand taxis for rural areas or vehicle sharing services in which the vehicle can also take over other passenger or delivery services after a person has been driven, thus significantly reducing the periods of "unemployment". At the same time, the introduction of this highly complex technology can only succeed via suitable experimental and test tracks. The autonomous driving test field of the state of Baden-Württemberg runs along various road sections from Karlsruhe to the Institute for Energy Efficient Mobility (IEEM) in Bruchsal.

From the test bench directly onto the track - from the IEEM, autonomous and highly automated vehicles can roll directly into the Baden-Württemberg test field

Autonomous driving test field of the state of Baden-Württemberg - this represents a real laboratory for mobility concepts for the development of future-oriented solutions for different modes of transport. One focus is on the development of autonomous and highly automated driving functions, which are to be verified and validated in different traffic situations such as city traffic, on rural routes and in motorway journeys.
The routing of the test field leads from Karlsruhe directly to the IEEM campus at the Bruchsal research campus and thus offers the institute a number of opportunities. For example, IEEM has a large number of diagnostic and test benches as well as vehicle prototypes available for electric or autonomous demonstrator development. The university's own test track on private land is directly adjacent to the track designated by the test field, making it possible to transfer and test functions and prototypes step by step and in a direct manner from the workshop to the real laboratory Test Field Autonomous Driving. Furthermore, the excellent infrastructure (including the latest generation of mobile communications) and other innovation ideas such as the autonomous goods logistics of the efeuCampus ensure that a suitable infrastructure is available.

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IEEM is happy to support companies and research institutions in the joint development of electric, automated and autonomous functions and prototypes, in particular also via the aforementioned infrastructure.

The IVI of the HKA is investigating the design of autonomous driving in terms of sustainable development of the city and transport for urban-compatible mobility. learn more

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