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About the program

Study contents (start in winter semester 2021/22)

The module handbook provides a detailed description of the individual course contents that are distributed over 1.5 years.

winter semester

compulsory modules
Software Engineering
Open Source GIS
Soft skills


Compulsory electives
Big Data Analytics
Mobile Map Apps in Nature Conservation
Navigation Technologies and Mobile GIS /
Satellite Geodesy and Spatial Reference Systems


summer semester

compulsory modules
Web Services & Geomonitoring
Satellite Image Analysis


Compulsory electives
Spatial Data Science
Geovisual Analytics

Intelligent Systems in Engineering Geodesy /
Physical and Integrated Geodesy


3rd semester

compulsory modules
Thesis work
The range of topics available for a Master's thesis can be seen in this overview


Language of instruction

The program is held entirely in English


Part-time study

Information on part-time studies

The Master's program is now also offered as a part-time program, in which only about half of the regular semester workload must be completed. This means that part-time study can be much more individualized with fewer exams per semester. Instead of about 20 contact hours per week in full-time studies, the workload in part-time studies is only about 10 semester hours per week. Since part-time study can be somewhat more complex than full-time study in terms of organizing the course of study, each student is provided with a study plan tailored to his or her personal situation.


Structure of part-time studies

The standard period of study for full-time studies is 3 semesters. For part-time studies, it is 6 semesters. The attendance phases of the lecture semesters take place together with the full-time students. This being said, students usually only have to spend one day per week at the university for part-time studies. Corresponding online courses supplement the attendance phase. The fifth semester is scheduled for the final thesis.

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