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Scholarship Benefits

Funding Rates Erasmus+ Traineeship

Only physical stays abroad can be financially supported and only a maximum of 4.5 months (135 days) per mobility. The days beyond the 4.5 months are calculated as a zero grant. Zero grant days are also deducted from the funding quota. The additional top-ups are also only paid for 4.5 months or for 4.5 months plus a maximum of 4 travel days in the case of green travel. Virtual periods (online lectures in the home country) are not eligible.

    Daily rate Erasmus+ traineeship (135 days max) Monthly rate Erasmus+ traineeship (4.5 months max)
Country group 1

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, 
Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden

Region 14: Faroe Islands, Switzerland, UK

25,- EUR 750,- EUR
Country group 2

Belgium, France, Greece, Italy,
Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus

Region 13: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican

23,- EUR 690,- EUR
Country group 3
Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,
Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary
21,33 EUR 640,- EUR
Worldwide all other Erasmus+ partner countries 23,33 EUR 700,- EUR


Please note that there is no legal entitlement to funding or a specific grant amount.

Abroad BAföG

BAföG-eligible students should also claim BAföG for the stay abroad with Erasmus+. With the BAföG regulation in force since 2011,(EU) grants up to a maximum of 300 EUR/month remain credit-free. This applies regardless of the designation of the grant as a partial, full or top-up grant or as a mobility grant awarded on the basis of performance or talent. Grants in excess of 300 EUR/month are offset against benefits from BAföG.

Academic recognition of your internship

The European Commission attaches great importance to the academic recognition of internships abroad. The recognition procedure of internships abroad can be found here.

The European Commission requires the inclusion of the successfully completed internship abroad in the student's Diploma Supplement or an equivalent document. By signing the ECHE, our partner universities have committed to this.  

If you encounter any difficulties regarding academic recognition, please feel free to contact KOOR - Erasmus Services BW. We can contact the contact person in your International Office and/or your contact person in the department in such a case.

For graduate students, it is recommended to include the stay abroad in the Europass Mobility

Special funding for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or children

Erasmus+ aims to promote equal opportunities and inclusion, which is why students with special needs can access the program more easily. Useful information on disability-friendly universities from the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education can be found here.

Monthly additional funding

If you have a disability of at least 20 percent or suffer from a chronic illness with additional financial needs or travel with your own children, you can receive additional 250 euros per month. A copy of the disability card or a doctor's certificate or the child's birth certificate must be submitted as proof.


The monthly additional funding cannot be combined with the application for real costs for the same criteria.

Individual application

You can claim up to EUR 15,000 of your costs that additional incurred abroad because of your special needs by submitting a separate application. The application must be submitted to KOOR no later than three months before the start of your stay. Please contact us at an early stage if you want to submit an application for real costs.

Preparatory trip

With a separate application, you have the option of claiming the costs of a preparatory trip to explore the local conditions (low-barrier living space, accessibility to the workplace, etc.) up to an amount of EUR 15,000.00. The refund can also be requested for an accompanying person. The application must be submitted to KOOR - Erasmus Services BW no later than three months before the start of the trip. The Erasmus+ funding is a prerequisite for the application.

Top up for first-time academics and working students

250,- EUR monthly top up for first-time academics

Students whose parents or legal guardians do not have a degree from a university or universtiy of applied science are eligible to apply. In the case of single parents, this regulation only applies to the respective parent with whom the student grew up. A degree from a vocational academy that leads to a degree that is comparable to a university degree is to be regarded as an academic degree. In this context, a master's certificate is not equivalent to an academic degree. A parent’s degree programs completed abroad that are not recognized as such in Germany (e.g. physiotherapy) count as an academic degree, so there is no entitlement to the top-up.

If required, the form "Declaration of First Academics" must be submitted .

250,- EUR monthly top up for working students

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Employment subject to social security contributions / internship in Germany with a net income of more than 450 euros and less than 850 euros per month.
  • Continuously employed for at least six months before the start of the stay abroad. The activity must have taken place within one year before the start of the mobility.
  • It can be a single employment relationship or several that follow one another in direct succession. An interruption as part of the regular vacation time during employment is not a problem.
  • The activity is not continued during the stay abroad, resulting in a loss of earnings. A notice of termination is not a requirement, the employment contract can also be paused.
  • Students who are self-employed / doing an internship abroad or doing a dual / extra-occupational study program with a fixed salary are excluded from the top up.

If required, proof of salary and work/internship references must be submitted.

The top-up is only granted for financially supported periods, i.e. for a maximum of 135 days of stay and for up to four travel days in case of green travel.

How to apply for the top-up?

You can apply for the top-up after your initial registration at placement online by a declaration on honor . A sample of the declaration can be found here. Please note the following:

  1. You will only have access to the Declaration of Honor form after your initial registration at placement online.
  2. The form has to be submitted even if you are not applying for any top-up.
  3. All evidence that entitles you to apply for a top up must be kept until the end of your internship and presented on request.
  4. If no evidence can be presented upon request, the top-up  must be repaid to KOOR.

Further information can be found in the DAAD guidelines for students "Social Participation and Equal Opportunities (in German).

Short-Term stays

As person of the group "fewer opportunities", to which persons with a disability of 20 percent or more, people with chronical disesases or people with child(ren) belong, you also have the possibility of doing a short-term stay abroad. The possibility of short-term stays abroad is reserved for people of the above mentiones group, students whose examination regulations scheduled a short-term internship, and doctoral students.

The following criteria apply:

  • only possible in Erasmus+ programme countries
  • Length of stay: min. 5, max. 30 days of being in the destination country physically 
  • Funding rates according to a daily sum: 
    • 5. to 14. day: 70 €/day
    • 15. to 30. day 50 €/day
  • People of the group fewer opportunities must be paid a travel allowance, all other people are exempt from this regulation and do not receive a travel allowance.
  • A short-term stay can be combined with a virtual component (=Blended Mobility)
  • Scope: min. 3 ECTS / if no ECTS are being distributed, a workload that equals 3 ECTS should be done. 

We would be happy to advise you if necessary...

Travel allowance for sustainable travel

Valid from summer term 2023: students who travel at least one way (outward or return) to their destination using sustainable means of transport will receive a one-off subsidy of EUR 50,-.
More information about sustainable travel can be found here. 


Subsidies for language courses and/or self-study materials

KOOR offers a financial subsidy for language support up to EUR 130 (EUR 100 for a language course and EUR 30 for self-learning materials in the national and/or working language ).

The prerequisite for this is that no language courses are offered in the working or national language of your target country on the EU language portal.
Valid for stays from summer term 2023 on.

Intercultural preparation: Hands-on Learning!

By signing in to the online course Hands-on Learning! you can practically and theoretically train your communication and relationship skills in an international context.

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