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Application process

Application Deadline

Please note that we have a  1 month application deadline:
For example, if your internship starts on 01.03.2022, all completely filled out application documents for the Erasmus+ scholarship need to be uploaded into our system on 01.02.2022 the latest - and you need to register before that.

We recommend you register approx. 6-8 weeks prior to your internship in order to edit all necessary documents and get all the signatures in time.

The application process - step by step

  1. You have received your internship commitment? Register in our Online application portal Placement Online   We recommend you register approx. 6-8 weeks prior to your internship in order to edit all necessary documents and get all the signatures in time.
  2. You confirm your registration with the link that will be sent to you by mail directly after the registration.
  3. Your application for the Erasmus+ scholarship will be formally reviewed by us.
  4. You will be given access to the application documents (Learning Agreement, application form, insurance declaration, declaration of honour for green travel).
  5. When filling out the documents our Checklist is there to help.
  6. You upload your application materials to Placement Online by the deadline (1 month before the start of the internship). 
  7. We check your application documents.
  8. You will complete an online language test in your future working language. (Please note that the language learning portal is currently not available)
  9. You will receive your scholarship contract, called the Grant Agreement, by mail.
  10. You print out the Grant Agreement and send it back to us in duplicate with your signature in the original by post.
  11. You will receive the payment of the first grant installment (80% of the total grant).
  12. During the internship inform us about any changes (shortening/extension) or in case of difficulties.
  13. Four weeks before the end of the internship, you will receive the reminder by mail to submit your final documents.
  14. You will complete the short field report in Placement Online.
  15. You will get access to the graduation documents (Traineeship Certificate, Certificate from the university recognizing your internship, Mobility Type Form, where applicable also upload your receipts/proof for green travel) in Placement Online.
  16. You will answer the European Commission survey in Mobility Tool+ (invitation will be sent by mail).
  17. When submitting the closing documents, our checklist will help.
  18. You upload all final documents to Placement Online by the deadline (8 weeks after the end of the internship).
  19. You will receive the second installment equal to 20% of the total stipend. 


Please note that the processing of your application may take some time. If you need confirmations of the Erasmus scholarship, for example for visa applications or BAföG abroad, we ask you to take care of submitting the application documents early.

The application documents

Application form

Download the application form as well as the other application documents in Placement Online after successful formal verification of your registration, sign it and submit it for signature to the Erasmus coordinator of the International Office of your home university. The form confirms your enrollment and your remaining Erasmus funding quota.

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement includes general information about your internship such as weekly working hours, working language, remuneration and insurance coverage. In addition, it states whether the internship is voluntary, mandatory, or graduate, and how it will be recognized at your home university. The Learning Agreement is signed by both your internship site and your department coordinator. 

Insurance declaration

With the insurance declaration signed by you, you confirm to us that you have sufficient health insurance coverage abroad and that your liability and accident insurance at the workplace is regulated.

The Grant Agreement

You will receive your Grant AGreement three months before the start of your internship.

This is the only document we need in the original . For this you will receive an email with the scholarship contract attached. Print this out in duplicate, sign it (incl. date) and return the contract to us BEFORE the start of your internship by mail. 


The closing documents

Traineeship Certificate

The Traineeship Certificate is filled out and signed by the internship site after your internship. It confirms the actual duration of the internship.

Certificate of the university

With the certificate of the university for the recognition of your achievements in the internship, your university confirms the notation of your internship in your Transcript of Records (incl. ECTS) and/or Diploma Supplement. You will need the certificate for both voluntary and compulsory internships.

Mobility Type Form

The Mobility Type or Blended Form confirms to us the times you actually spent in the internship on site and which period you spent either in the home office in the target country or in Germany due to the corona pandemic.