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Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

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Student projects to participate

High Speed Karlsruhe

Join the "Formula Student" design competition and build a racing car. Thrills and team power included!

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High Speed Karlsruhe

Mechatronik-Wettbewerbsteam (MCT)

Be part of the MCT and help prepare for robotics competitions and autonomous driving.

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Carolo Cup

ecosail Karlsruhe

Build a sailboat out of natural materials for the "1001 VELACup" construction and sailing competition and launch yourself into the sea off Palermo.

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ecosail Karlsruhe

High Efficiency Karlsruhe

For the Shell Eco Marathon, design a vehicle that covers the greatest possible distance on one liter of fuel. Now also with fuel cell!

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The IOTech Café

The "maker-space" for students to chill, think and be active

Building F in front of room F105 - during lunch break between 11:00 and 13:00
(Currently suspended due to Corona)

A break in which you sit back in your chair and sip your coffee with pleasure sounds good (or eat fresh popcorn). It's even better when, while drinking your coffee, you overhear all kinds of mini-projects in which your fellow students are building mini-robots, flying Lego drones or running a 3D print. This is motivating, gives you ideas and invites you to build something yourself during the break. Project work that is part of the studies can also be continued here.

For this purpose, the IOTech coffee offers a whole range of construction kits with which you can build fun or useful objects and deal with electronics, mechanics and programming.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Olivier Schecker
olivier.scheckerspam prevention@h-ka.de

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