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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences

LfM - Machine Learning Lab

The Machine Learning Laboratory (LfM) is used for research and development related education in the field of machine learning and is operated in collaboration with the Intelligent System Research Group (ISRG). The lab is used primarily for upper-division and master's-level education in the "Machine Learning" specialization.

Courses in the lab on the main campus are usually conducted in the form of projects that are worked on in small teams. In this sense, the lab functions as a coworking space, providing different workspaces for the individual groups. The space is also available to students in the master's specialization outside of the times specified in the timetable. The field office is mainly used for individually supervised study activities connected to our research activities.



U09 in building E

Room 009
KIT Campus Western University
Hertzstrasse 16, Building 06.31

Contact person
Prof. Dr. Astrid Laubenheimer
Prof. Dr. Norbert Link
Prof. Dr. Patrick Baier

Opening hours
By arrangement


The lab offers numerous PC workstations for students, including workstations with graphics cards of varying performance for training neural networks. Furthermore, wired network access for laptops is available.

Workstations are also available in the field office, as well as large-scale sensor setups, including a 3D person scanner.


The lab has numerous pieces of equipment, such as embedded platforms (e.g., Nvidia Jetsons), numerous cameras, and 3D-capable sensors such as Realsenses. Audio sensing equipment is also available. In addition, various mobile devices such as smartphones and AR glasses (Epson Moverio, Hololens) are available for the realization of demonstrators of different use cases.



  • Autonomous systems lab
  • Image processing lab
  • Project work
  • Dissertations


  • Exercise Optimization
  • Exercise Machine Learning
  • AI Lab
  • Project work
  • Dissertations