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Mobility Management



Mobility is omnipresent in our lives and an essential prerequisite for social life, opening up opportunities for activities in other places. What we need to achieve is that people can get to those places in such a way that we can still enjoy them. This is what Transportation Management stands for.

The limited supply of roads, railroads, tracks in the face of an increasing demand for transport ... something doesn't add up: Cities are literally bursting at the seams. It is time-consuming, expensive and, in cities, often impossible to build new transport infrastructure. Mobility must regain its quality, be sustainable, efficient, and effective. What is needed is an integrated view of mobility as an overall system with the central aspects of people, means of transport, structural-technical infrastructure, digital equipment and mobility culture.

The Master's degree program in Transportation Management develops new approaches and opportunities in research and development of sustainable mobility with feedback into teaching and application, nationally as well as internationally. With these approaches, we want to bring the mobility of the future forward and network in the sub-areas of research, politics, administration, engineering offices, and commercial enterprises.

At a glance

Qualification awarded Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Start of program Summer semester
ECTS credit points 90 in total
Standard period of study 3 semesters
Admission prerequisites Bachelor degree



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Who is the program aimed at?

Do you want to actively help master the challenges of sustainable development on the basis of the skills you have acquired in your Bachelor's degree? If you like to develop concepts and strategies for sustainable mobility using approaches from traffic planning, traffic engineering, computer science / telematics, or traffic psychology, then this degree program is the best choice for you!

Our BMVI Endowed Chair of Utility Cycling offers a great opportunity if you want to make a significant contribution to advancing cycling both as an important contributor to future mobility and as a driver of innovation.

Project-oriented, global, and cooperative research into the mobility of the future – the Master's degree program in Transportation Management brings together students from different disciplines and offers the best possible preparation for work life with real-life practical and research projects. Thanks to the strong project orientation of the program, you will learn about and manage practical and everyday work on complex transportation projects. By graduating with a degree in Transportation Management, you will have the best possible start to your professional life.

The Master's program in Transportation Management at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is open to all graduates of undergraduate programs who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of mobility and transportation. We are convinced that all disciplines can make contributions to sustainable mobility, in terms of content, approach, and culture. As a rule, the program takes 3 semesters for graduates of Bachelor’s programs with 210 ECTS. For shorter Bachelor's programs, up to 30 credits can be additionally acquired from the Transportation Management program or via Master's elective modules of the program, so that in total (Bachelor's and Master's) 300 credits will have been earned for the Master's degree.


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