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Transportation Management

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Internship and studying abroad

An application-oriented education that qualifies graduates for working life by the time of their Bachelor’s degree is very important to us. Cooperation partners such as init AG (endowed professorship), PTV GROUP, or SIEMENS Mobility & Logistics give input as to the requirements of real life.

The cooperation partners provide a core of places for the internship semester in the fifth semester. Here, students can directly apply the knowledge acquired for practical purposes and gain important experience for working life. Students are supervised with great care, while focusing on independent work to develop intelligent solutions to current and future tasks.

In order to convey first-hand practical know-how, we involve adjunct lecturers, who are often employees of our cooperation partners.

Sustainable Mobility in ...

For several years now, we have been conducting workshops and excursions with our international partners, such as the University of Waterloo, McGill University, the University Centre of Brusque - UNIFEBE, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of the Philippines, under the title "Hands-on Sustainable Mobility”.

These established collaborations with universities and other higher education institutions around the world provide insight into a wide variety of transportation systems. During annual field trips and workshops, friendships are forged among students and understanding of each other is strengthened. In this way, our students immerse themselves in the transport worlds of Canada, Brazil or the Philippines and sustainable knowledge from the excursions back to the university and thus into their studies. In addition to the professional exchange, the focus is also on getting to know the respective culture and on the friendship between the students: Pub visits in Canada, barbecues in Brazil or discovering culinary novelties in the Philippines. So - feeling restless?

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