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Dr. Michael Betz - Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

In which industry are you working now, and what position do you hold?

I am currently working for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), where I am part of the instrumentation group. This involves measuring various machines and beam parameters at several particle accelerators.  

How did you become an employee at CERN? How did you achieve the initial contact/entry?

When I was looking for a topic for my master's thesis, I came across the "Baden-Württemberg Programm". Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences participates in this program and is thus in close contact with CERN and actively promotes the exchange of students for an internship semester or the thesis.

Which aspect of your work fascinates you most?

There are many things. Among other things, there are the technical challenges, which often require a wide range of (specialist) knowledge and thus keep you on your toes. This sometimes ranges from radio frequency technology to accelerator physics to software development. CERN is also quite unique in terms of cultural diversity: You meet people from all over the world and work on joint projects in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

What was surprising for you during your studies? What was different from what you expected?

In the master's program, we were a surprisingly small group. That was pleasant because it made the lectures very relaxed and, above all, interactive.

Your personal conclusion being...?

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, I would choose it again! After graduation, an incredible number of doors are open to you and the prospects of finding a suitable job, in industry or in science, are first-class.