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Construction Management


Construction Management - interface and overview

Large construction projects present a number of challenges. Even when the building is completed the construction manager's work is not done. As the building is in use maintenance work has to be carried out and coordinated, damage has to be repaired and major stresses have to be identified in advance - and if there is nothing left to repair, deconstruction also has to be organized and carried out. A lot of potential work for you as a future construction manager. And not only in Germany but also internationally. For this reason, the Master's program in Construction Management is continuously expanding its international orientation with new partners.

Confidently maintaining an overview

As a construction manager, you will be the authority who keeps track of creating and handling variously sized projects in all phases of a building’s “life". In our Master's degree program in Construction Management, you will acquire the necessary tools to organize, coordinate and implement a wide variety of projects, to mediate between project participants from different disciplines and thus to lead projects to success. Are you interested, but earned a Bachelor's degree outside the subject of Construction Management? As long as you have completed a related discipline such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Civil Engineering (Construction), or another construction-related degree program, you can start your Master's degree in Construction Management with us! You will be informed about any alignment courses that you may need to pass in due time before you start your studies.

Would you like to find out details now? Then don't hesitate and start planning your studies in Construction Management today - please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!

At a glance

Qualification awarded Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
Start of program Winter semester  & Summer semester
ECTS credit points 90 in total
Standard period of study 3 semesters
Admission prerequisites Pre-study work experience is not required
Accreditation Yes (certificate)

The standard period of study can increase to 4 semesters depending on your Bachelor's degree, as you may need to take alignment courses depending on the admission requirements (see downloads below).


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Who is the program aimed at?

You can't decide between various interests and would like to pursue a degree that combines technology and new media as well as project management, business administration, and communication? Then the Master's degree program in Construction Management is the best choice for you! We'll provide you with the know-how, skills and abilities to work as a generalist in construction project management together with specialists from different areas in an interdisciplinary way, and to contribute your general knowledge. Now only one thing is missing - do not decide in favor of only one interest: apply to the Master's program in Construction Management and pursue them all!

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