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Student Cornelius talks about his experience

Cornelius Keller is in his 6th semester of a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on refrigeration, air conditioning and environmental technology. In this interview, he offers tips for prospective students. What he particularly likes about his studies is that he is always close to the action. He has also been active in the student council.

Cornelius, why did you decide to study this program?

There are many reasons for studying mechanical engineering. For me, the reason is as simple as it is obvious. After my training as a cutting machine operator, I already had the basics.

When I heard a report on the radio about a project called "Pacific Garbage Screening", I decided to study mechanical engineering. The project is about cleaning and purifying the ocean from plastic. As a mechanical engineer, can you be involved in such a project? Absolutely!

So one thing led to another. I reasoned: As a starting point for exciting and value-added projects, studying mechanical engineering certainly can't hurt ;-).

What do you like about your chosen specialization in refrigeration, air conditioning, and environmental technology?

In times of "Fridays for Future" and the increasing demands on society to save energy and use it efficiently, there is no getting around the subject.

Due to a unique and extensive equipment at the laboratories for refrigeration, air conditioning and environmental technology, you have the opportunity to complement theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The very open and friendly interaction with the professors and lab technicians at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences makes it easy to get involved in projects.

One could summarize the specialization in the following key points: 

  • Extensive and very good equipment in the laboratories
  • Unique study program
  • Exciting and challenging subject matter
  • Future-relevant subject matter

What would you recommend to study applicants?

Enjoy learning new things. Definitely apply and try it out. You can tell if something suits you - or not - only when you have tried it.

If you had to describe your studies by three words?

Future-oriented, challenging, friendship