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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
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Lena Sommer

Interview of Lena Sommer

Lena Sommer studies in the bachelor's program Data Science

Why did you decide to study Data Science?

I was particularly impressed when I met a student in computer science who had taken up the subject area of "Data Science" and established it in a company. At the time, I couldn't imagine anything about this subject and asked him to introduce me to his work. After his presentation, I was immediately enthusiastic about Data Science because it can be applied in so many contexts. So I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to drop out of my business administration studies, which I had not pursued with great enthusiasm, and start Data Science.

Why did you choose Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences?

After I made up my mind to study Data Science, I looked at the module handbooks of the few universities in Germany that offer this degree program. At many universities, I didn't like the fact that the focus of the study program was already predetermined. For example, some universities had a strong focus on computer science from the beginning, while others only offered electives in the business area. Since Data Science is a very broad subject area and I didn't know yet in which subject I would specialize these universities didn't appeal to me. Another criterion in favor of Karlsruhe were the numerous practical projects starting in the 2nd semester and the broad range of elective subjects in the 6th semester.

How do you finance your studies?

In addition to my studies, I work as a Latin and mathematics tutor, mentor for new tutors, and ambassador for an Austrian start-up, and I also work independently in copywriting for a marketing agency.

Do you still have time to pursue hobbies alongside your studies and work?

Despite full-time studies and part-time jobs, I still have enough time to read a lot, increase my athletic fitness and expand my cooking and baking skills. The latter especially to the chagrin of my friends, who actually want to lose weight, but are constantly supplied with cookies by me. 

What are your impressions of the lectures so far?

In the basic lectures, we learned about exciting connections and theories. I think that this will make it easier for me to understand the advanced lectures. Working with databases and accordingly with SQL has been my highlight so far. The lecture is very application-oriented and never boring due to the use of different methods.

How was the exam preparation for you?

I found it particularly admirable that the university made a lot of effort to ensure that we mastered the exams well. There were tutorials, additional lessons at the learning center, and exercises provided by the lecturers, which is not a matter of course. So the difference to the school was not so big anymore, because in many cases, help was provided.

Do you already have an idea where you would like to spend your semester abroad?

I would love to take the chance and study in Mexico or Russia for a semester. I find both cultures incredibly fascinating. In addition, I would like to improve my skills in the respective national language and there is no better way to do that than to live in the respective country for half a year.

Do you already have plans and goals for the future?

Currently, I would like to do a master's degree after my bachelor's degree to consolidate my knowledge in my chosen area of specialization. However, I don't want to plan any further into the future at the moment.

What advice would you like to give to prospective students?

I would advise all prospective students to inform themselves really well in advance about the degree programs and the universities. Read through the different module handbooks, as the same degree programs are often offered with a different focus.