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Hochschule Karlsruhe Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences
students at a seminar for hydraulic engineering

Civil Engineering

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Study content

First semester
Mathematics I
Structural Mechanics I
Building Materials Technology   
Applied Natural Sciences


Second semester
Mathematics II
Structural Mechanics II
Building Construction
Soil Mechanics


Third semester
Basics of Water Management
Basics of Transport Systems     
Basics of Structural Engineering
Structural Analysis & Timber Structures
Applied Informatics


Fourth semester
Ground Engineering
Traffic Engineering I
Structural Engineering
Construction Operations & Construction Law
Project I


Fifth semester
Internship preparation: Construction Work
Internship semester
Internship follow-up: Language


Sixth semester
Core elective A
Core elective B
Core elective C
Core elective D
Project II


Seventh semester
Core elective E
Construction Law
Thesis Support & Writing Tutorial
Thesis Colloquium
Bachelor’s thesis


Core elective subjects

Structural Engineering
Engineering in Existing Structures
Reinforced Concrete & Masonry Design   
Timber & Sustainable Structures
Steel Structures, Steel-Concrete-Composite Structures and Prestressed Concrete Structures 
Advanced Structural Mechanics


Transport Facilities II
Energy Management
Water Management
Infrastructure Planning



Statute pertaining to the selection procedure
Curriculum and Examination Regulation

Internship & studying abroad Career prospects Organization & exams