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StudiumPLUS Apprenticeship

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The cooperative study model StudiumPLUS Apprenticeship with alternating theoretical and practical phases offers students many advantages.


+ Two degrees

Graduates earn both a Bachelor's degree from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and a qualification in the selected profession.

+ Saving time by combination

Instead of 3 or 3.5 years of vocational training and 3.5 years of Bachelor’s studies, you obtain both degrees in only 4.5 years with StudiumPlus Apprenticeship.


+ Being financially independent

Throughout the entire period of study and training, participants in StudiumPLUS receive a continuous monthly payment.

+ Highly application-oriented

In the company, students can develop the knowledge gained in their studies. The professional edge motivates and leads to the best learning results.

+ International orientation

StudiumPLUS offers the opportunity to spend a semester studying at one of over 180 partner universities abroad or to work at a foreign location of the training company.

+ Best career prospects

By demonstrating their skills in the company during their studies, participants secure their employment and require hardly any training time later. 

Partner companies


Center of Competence
contact person for StudiumPLUS and business cooperations
Julia Hähnel-Budnik

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