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Project learning

Service Learning – Win-win for our students and for society

Are you tired of working on theoretical projects that will only end up in a drawer? Do you want to link what you are doing at uni with a sense of community, work in diverse teams, and earn ECTS credits for it? Then Service Learning is what you are looking for: From a renewable energy company in the children's play city Karlopolis, to a sustainably power-generating bicycle stage set for the theater, to a pressure-sensitive sensor mat for patients, there are no limits to your creativity. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail oder or visit our section on the ILIAS learning platform.

Do you have your own idea that you want to put into practice? Then we will of course be happy to support you in turning it into reality.

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Formula Student racing team

In the University's largest student project, 40-50 team members from a wide range of disciplines build their own racing car as part of the "Formula Student" design competition and put their skills to the test at the end of the season at various events against international competitors. High Speed Karlsruhe is currently (06/2020) ranked 20th in the world. At the Formula Student competition in Spain (Barcelona), the team even took the overall victory in 2019.

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HKA-APP: the app for HKA students

HKA-APP is an app that helps you find your way around Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The app is continuously being developed further as part of a project by students for students. Every semester, students from numerous faculties have the opportunity to participate in various topics within the project. Take your chance and get first practical insights into what it means to work on an app for smartphones and tablets with a large user base during your studies.

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App::lab – laboratory for mobile applications

ecosail Karlsruhe Team

The ecosail Karlsruhe team builds their own sailboat as part of the design and sailing competition "1001 VELACup". The students from different faculties of the University have the opportunity to incorporate their theoretical knowledge into the project and thus continuously optimize the sailboat. This will be sailed in September at the 1001 VELACup in Sicily in an international competition with other university teams.

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International application project

In the "International Application Project" class, students on the Bachelor's degree program in Business Information Systems work together with exchange students in international teams, on real tasks from international companies. This gives them the opportunity to deepen their acquired theoretical knowledge in the project, to expand their intercultural skills and to gain initial experience in the professional world. Together with the client, the students work towards finding the best possible solution to the problem at hand, while being accompanied and supported by their professors.

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